J. Press (or “J. Squeeze,” for old-school guys in-the-know) is finally getting into the heritage and slim-fit game with its new 110th anniversary collection. Here’s the skinny:

Svelte guys will now be able to get a pocket-flap oxford in a more streamlined cut. How streamlined? I asked J. Press’ general manager for specs, but he’s currently traveling in Japan and promised details later. Stay tuned.

The tailored clothing is also slim-fit too, though at nearly a grand for a sport coat, you’ll need to be a fat cat to afford them:

Buckle-back chinos, $195:

Make sure you have a flap pocket to go with your buckle:

For neckwear, a rep tie with a symbol of the tailor’s trade:

And ditto for this belt, with sheep and scissors. — CC