Yesterday Brooks sent out an email blast of its spring catalog. Inside its pages I spied something that echoes our most recent post on GQ’s Nantucket photo shoot.

The common link is white jeans (and worn with sportcoats, no less). Here’s the catalog shot:


White jeans have been hot in the #menswear crowd for some time. We showed Sid Mashburn’s white Levi’s and ankles back in 2010, and included white jeans in a Halloween parody. But evidently we’ve only posted about tan jeans.

Brooks’ spring collection includes the five-pocket Supima denim pictured above, as well as white garment-dyed chinos.

Last year I picked up a pair of off-white five pockets from the Stafford Prep collection. I liked the color, fit was great, and the price just right for something I wasn’t sure about. But I ended up wearing them often with sockless loafers and a navy polo shirt. Jeez, after this brutal winter, it’s hard to remember ever dressing that way.

White pants probably remind you of the famous photo of the super-cool 1964 Yalie with the blazer and shades, who is either wearing white chinos or extremely light khakis (they certainly look lighter than the ones on the guy walking towards the camera):


 Same goes for this guy from “Take Ivy”:


So let’s put the vote to you guys:

And finally, how did we ever miss this post from the leading men’s sewing blog, which asks whether Ivy is any good or not. There are 47 comments, in case you need another amusing distraction. — CC