J. Press sent out a mailer today introducing its new spring items. It’s business-as-usual with the main brand — for better or worse. The jacket above looks straight from a vintage catalog. Tough to tell what the shoulders are like, however, without in-person inspection.

But certainly what you’re most interested in, you anonymous hate-reading snarkers, is York Street. I shouldn’t be encouraging you, except that so much of York Street feels not like the younger brother of the main brand, nor even a distant cousin, but a totally random stranger — possibly an extraterrestrial.

To wit, my personal favorite from the new York Street collection, these girl-tight fleece shorts priced at an otherworldly $230, or something like ten bucks per square inch:


Prep-with-a-twist is usually ironic, treating traditional items with an irreverent attitude. The opposite approach is treating an irreverent item seriously. Here the shrunken fit and apparent matching trousers make this paneled fun jacket anything but fun. The model’s expression is the icing on the cake:


Next up, a cinch-back denim jacket…


And tropical-print military jacket, for making love and war:


My mother got something like this on our family trip to Hawaii:


 This blazer gets the shortest jacket award:


And these jeans take the wedgiest trouser trophy. — CC