Spirit Of The Times: Brooks Invokes Cool And Classic

On Monday I posted an essay musing on whether we’ve lost the sense of cool, while also arguing that its spirit of detachment, poise and style has been with us at least since the time of Alcibiades. Then yesterday our eminent new professorial contributor took us on a stroll through the Ivy heyday, when Brooks Brothers was simultaneously shorthand for the establishment and also the garb of its critics. And now sure enough I wander over to Brooks’ site to find it has invoked the spirits of cool and classic in the midst of the most tumultuous year in memory. So for a change of pace let’s rest our censoriousness in regards to the Brethren and praise them for helping us spread the zeitgeist of cool-headedness and restrained flair. As Miles Davis said in his autobiography, “You’ve got to have style in whatever you do: writing, music, painting, fashion, boxing, anything.” So keep cool and carry on. — CC

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  1. That guy has more layers than an onion.

  2. ……and yet, I went to the local Brooks Brothers here in Nashville to lend some support and purchase a pink button collar oxford dress shirt. The shirt that built the brand, or damn near did. They didn’t have it in store, no other stores had this item nor could they order it online. Unavailable…..these truly are The End Times.

  3. Yes, the “cool” we need the most right now is indeed the head-variety.

    Whiskeydent speaks truly—reminds me of the ultimate layering combination posited by the OPH, which I just found actually attempted by someone on Instagram:
    (Swipe to see the passage.)

  4. Greg M- yes BB is now truly a joke. I’ve been a regular customer since 1978 but I’m done. They have no clue.

  5. Greg, I just checked the site and got lost in the pinks. Could this be true, the classic oxford is now only available in white and blue?

    It begs the question: is it their fault, or ours?

  6. Finally BB has come to its senses and disposed of children’s/women’s colors like yellow and pink.

  7. Basic Trad, I bet you are a ton of fun at parties. Be the creator of forms, man.

    OCBD’s are still available in white, blue, purple, yellow, and pink. Stock was pretty low on the pink.

  8. “Creator of forms.” The enacting of the divine principle. Rake, please contact me about writing that up. If not for here, then for Trad-Man. Metaphysics of style, indeed!

  9. With regards to the BB OCBD in pink, you might also try the ones linked here. This one has a different hue than the ones referenced above, and I was pleasantly surprised to find they matched up nearly perfectly to ones I have been holding onto since the 1980s. Only a few left in stock unfortunately.


  10. Want a uni stripe OCBD with rear collar button and locker loop from Brooks Brothers,
    and dirt cheap? They also come in blue, white, and pink.

    Warning – it is Red Fleece, which is the “young guy” sub-brand. Only available in alpha sizes, and you need to size up one. It is a rather trim fit, so only recommended if you are average or slender build. I am average build and it fits a bit on the trim side but not “Euro”, more like “tailored” – still comfortable. Buttons have a very faint company name on them, but you can barely see it.

    Not for everyone here. But it is a nice “must-iron” OCBD with trad features, and at these prices, I bought several. Great trad staple for those on a budget, great entry point for young guys interested in this style but intimidated by some of the prices.


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