Special Announcement: Are You The One To Take Over The Andover Shop?

This is a special sponsored post by the parties representing the sale of The Andover Shop, who hope to find a sympathetic and enthusiastic buyer through the audience of Ivy-Style.com. 

* * *

With a heavy heart, the founders of men’s clothing emporium The Andover Shop, announce the business is for sale.

The partners, both in their nineties and in declining health, realize it’s time for someone new to takeover the reins of the business founded in 1948. With two locations, Cambridge and Andover, Mass., The Andover Shop is a bastion of a particular Ivy League preppy style, steeped in tradition yet open to personalization. The business has room to grow. With very little online or international presence and a catalogue that comes out only sporadically, The Andover Shop is ripe for a reinvention using 21st Century technology.

The tiny jewel box store in Cambridge is a throwback to its mid-century modern roots, artisanal rather than bustling. Tailors finish bespoke suits by hand using traditional methods. For generations customers have revisited The Andover Shop when in Cambridge or Andover for school reunions and events, and are welcomed back by employees who have been there for decades.

The Harvard Square location stayed open during the renovation of the Holyoke Center into the Smith Campus Center, a three-year construction project that blocked Holyoke Street and eliminated all nearby parking. Due to be completed in spring of 2018, the reopening should bring more foot traffic to the area.

A retail gem like The Andover Shop does not become available often. For potential buyers who would like to maintain the integrity of the brand while modernizing the approach to marketing it, all reasonable offers will be considered. Please note the real estate will be sold separately. For more information, contact George Nanis, 508-612-1573, GeorgeNanis@kw.com. — THE ANDOVER SHOP

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  1. Bernard Faber | April 3, 2018 at 2:41 pm |

    One can only wish and pray for continuity,however some businesses are so linked to the charisma and taste of founders that their
    uniqueness can never be transferred. Fortunately as long as life lasts for the fortunate customers( and their clothing )the memory
    of The Andover Shop will always remind us of what a rare experience we had during some of our happiest days.

  2. Your comment suggests the business’ closing is imminent. Surely the busy will stay open until a buyer is found or until the owners cannot keep it open any longer. Could someone please clarify?

  3. It would be a dream come true. I’m already overcommitted.

  4. Henry Contestwinner | April 3, 2018 at 4:48 pm |

    Let’s hope that the Andover Shop does not suffer a fate similar to that of Fratelli Brooks.

  5. The preppy Millennial says to his friend, “I guess they copied Polo Ralph Lauren.”

  6. Mermaid1818 | April 3, 2018 at 8:51 pm |

    The business will seek a buyer first and foremost and is not closing in the near future. Please continue to support the stores.

  7. Thanks Mermaid 1818. I have, and will continue to, support the store. I encourage all to do so.

  8. I whish the new owner will rethink the sizing, would have loved to buy some of their shetlands, but they only sell from medium onwards.

  9. Mitchell S. | April 4, 2018 at 8:01 am |

    This is the kind of brick and mortar store that Trump said Amazon is putting out of business. It is much more cheap, quick and convenient for me to order a shirt from Amazon (and have it sent from Kentucky)
    than it is for me to take a short trip (I live in Boston) to the Andover Shop in Harvard Square.

  10. A Southwick-and-Hertling house for a long while.

    Hopefully a person with some imagination (and money) takes interest.

  11. Mitchell, you could purchase online through the Andover Shop.

  12. Morgan, sadly Mitchell is right. It is easier to buy near-anything online these days, which is leading to the disappearance of brick and mortar stores. This article even states that the shop doesn’t have much of an online presence.

  13. A buyer who would cross-shop Andover Shop goods with something available on Amazon isn’t a target customer for Andover Shop. The whole point of a place like Andover Shop is the experience of physically entering the place, interacting with the staff, and picking out items by feel and touch. There are at least dozens of quality men’s shops around the country which are in no danger of being put out of business by Amazon, think Sid Mashburn, for one.

    If Andover Shop isn’t presently doing well financially – and I have no idea if this is the case or the reason for seeking sale of the business – it has nothing to do with Amazon because Andover Shop doesn’t sell readily-available items that can be easily cross-shopped.

    Personally I like Andover Shop and I’ve bought a few MTM shirts and jackets from there, but it’s not a place to which I want to return because we haven’t been able to nail the fit that I want, and I don’t have the resources to continue a trial-and-error process.

  14. Mitchell S. | April 4, 2018 at 4:57 pm |

    @NSK: Amazon sells many high-quality menswear items that are not unique to the Andover Shop. For example, they sell Robert Graham dress shirts and designer suits that are comparable in quality to what the Andover Shop sells.

    The Andover Shop does sell custom suits however. But, “In April, Amazon.com was awarded a patent for an on-demand apparel manufacturing system to create custom-made clothing to the precise fit and specifications of the customer.” according to Forbes. Amazon’s share of the apparel market is $22 billion and expected to rise as it disrupts the market. Look at what happened to Louis, Boston, And StoneStreets: two speciality menswear stores in the Boston area that are now closed. StoneStreets used to be around the corner from the Andover Shop but now it is gone.

  15. The owners of Ben Silver and O’ Connell’s have figured out the online thing while sustaining a healthy bricks-and-mortar operation. So, we know it’s possible.

  16. Well one thing’s for sure: you can’t buy The Andover Shop on Amazon.

    I mean the shop itself.

  17. Nowadays Trad occupies such a small corner of the sartorial universe. A tiny crevice.

    What if The Andover Shop became a primarily online entity? Southwick MTM at a reasonable price (Epaulet can do this because of minimal overhead; amazing what jacket costs when you’re not paying for staff salaries/ benefits and building upkeep/rent), as well MTM shirts (Gambert would be the obvious choice) and neckwear.

  18. Keezer’s was also for sale, but couldn’t find a buyer.

  19. Poison Ivy Leaguer | April 5, 2018 at 4:56 pm |

    I wonder if the Harvard Coop would be interested?

  20. Imagine if the guys from O’Connell’s took over the Andover Shop….

  21. “The Andover Shop, announce the business is for sale”.

    As Italian i can only said…ITALIANS STAY OUT!

  22. There’s no substitute for relationship based shopping. Every person decides what they value most: price, convenience, quality etc. I value experience and quality. And having someone who knows you, your tastes needs etc. gets me experience and quality. A nice intimate relaxed space and time and great appropriate merchandise. Marketed right that will always appeal to some people. Drinkwater’s is another case of a specialty store that is doing well.

  23. @Matt_R

    I’m confused about the Keezer’s situation. Several articles said they were closing in June 2017, but they appear to still be in business nearly a year later.

  24. @Taliesin

    Are they? I haven’t been over there since their going-out-of-business sale. I might have to walk over and check it out.

  25. @Poison Ivy Leaguer

    Why would the Harvard Coop want The Andover Shop? The Coop only sells T-shirts and shot glasses with the Harvard H on them. They wouldn’t know what to do with a collarded shirt or made-to-measure jacket.

  26. Carmelo, I second that, look what they did to Brooks Brothers.

  27. another problem is the change in culture,men don’t buy suits,or hats,which is why there isn’t a J.Press shop here in NYC

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