Somewhere in Time: The Brick-Red Look

With this post Ivy-Style introduces a new series called “Somewhere in Time,” featuring historical articles from the pages of Time magazine that offer insight into how Ivy attire was worn — and viewed by society —  during its heyday in the ’50s and ’60s.

We will also present a judicious selection of articles about the mass-market preppy trend that began in the ’80s and is still with us today.

First up is “The Brick-Red Look” from 1955, which concerns the popularization of “multicolored blazers and brick-red slacks.” The article notes the new introduction of colored evening jackets by Brooks Brothers, as well as the decline of the double-breasted suit: “Now the trend is to the more casual, natural-shouldered, single-breasted jacket.” And later: “Because the new single-breasted suits closely resemble those peddled for years to Eastern college students by Brooks Brothers, retailers refer to the new styles as the Ivy League Look.”

Alas, Time‘s online archives do not include the original images used to illustrate its stories. We therefore could think of no better way to illustrate “The Brick-Red Look” than with everybody’s favorite Smirnoff-swilling swells who should most certainly GTH, though for reasons other than what they’re wearing. — CC

5 Comments on "Somewhere in Time: The Brick-Red Look"

  1. The pic looks like “Tea-Partay”.

  2. That cat on the right looks like Timmy McVeigh.

  3. Or Michael Phelps.

  4. hi, I’m doing research for school and I wanted to know where the photo was taken? is a telefilm??? do you know the name of three actors??
    sorry for my imperfect english.
    thank you

  5. It’s a television commercial. Go to YouTube and search for “Tea Partay.”

    More on it here:

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