Somewhere in Time: Socks are for Suckas

With this post Ivy-Style revisits our Somewhere in Time series, based on articles from the Time Magazine archives.

Custom dictates that the bottom button on a vest or cardigan is left nonchalantly undone, a tradition credited to the absent-mindedness of Edward VII.

The origins of socks without loafers are probably similar: Some stylish student somewhere lost his socks in the locker room, emerged from the gym in Weejuns without hosiery, everyone copied him, and the rest is history.

While the origins of going sockless may never be known, the practice was enough of a trend in 1966 for Time to publish a story called “With Their Socks Off.”

The article opens:

“The overall effect,” explains Lloyd Chiswick, 27, a Stanford University senior, “is studied but complete nonchalance.” Says a Princeton junior: “The whole thing is wrapped up in coolness, in both senses of the word.”

And for at least one coed, bare ankles are to women what cleavage is to men:

“It looks sexy,” says Rosalie Netter, in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. “You can see the bone structure, like finely chiseled stone,” says Wisconsin Sophomore Karen Knauf.

Thanks to Maxminimus for providing the image. And might we say, that’s some mighty fine bone structure indeed. — CC

9 Comments on "Somewhere in Time: Socks are for Suckas"

  1. “The origins of socks without loafers…”

    I suppose the tradition of “socks without loafers” wore out socks rather quickly, not to mention getting them awfully soggy in damp grass. Eventually some sharp Ivy-style dresser – probably a direct descendent of the Neanderthal who gave us fire- reversed things and wore his loafers without his socks. Therefore, recognizing an improvement when we see one, so do we. 🙂

  2. Sometimes I go to church in loafers w/o socks – and I guess I’ve done this more times than I was aware. One day this lady that I recognized but don’t really know comes up to me and says “Hello my sockless friend!” I you never know who’s checking you out.

    As for ADG – Ya see man – apparently it’s all about the bone structure! Whodathunk?

  3. C. …I’m honored to have the Navy Blue Weejuns showcased on Ivy Style!


  4. So what brands of laofers do you wear without socks? I mean – would you really wear your cordovan Alden’s without socks?

  5. Wilson – I wear my Alden Cordovan’s and Calf Skin both w/o socks all summer long…

  6. foolio_iglesias | July 14, 2009 at 8:13 pm |

    @Paul Well,then get to know her,by all means!Fellowship is a big part of the ‘experience’….

  7. The best look there ever was or will ever be!

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  9. Socks are for suckas

    My wife and I visited Michigan during the week of Thanksgiving where they experience a whole different kind of cold. We are from Virginia Beach. I only wore socks with my duck boots two days (at least a foot of snow) and sockless weejuns the rest of the time. The looks askance I received were priceless.


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