Socks Appeal: In Praise of Marled Hosiery

Some time ago I ran a post praising the combo of light socks and loafers. Since then marled socks have become my favorite kind for this look. They’ve got a great casual vibe for pairing with chinos and loafers, but I also dig them with trousers, tassels and tie.

I spied these the other day at Old Navy, complete with colorful varsity stripes, reason not to bother hiking them up throughout the day. And at five bucks a pair, they’re good ‘n’ frugal. — CC

4 Comments on "Socks Appeal: In Praise of Marled Hosiery"

  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who will admit that Old Navy, Gap and Target are great places to find cool cheap socks.

  2. I’ll second you on that Giuseppe. Throw in Kohl’s, as well.

  3. I wear rugby socks with my shoes and i think they’re just as good.i don’t know if you guys get them in america. (i mean rugby rugby, not the brand). i guess you can wear any sports socks, i dunno, i just like it. i guess it’s like that marleish vibe

  4. I love those kind of socks. Uniqlo sells them in different colors for $3-4.
    A wool version by Wild Oats, made in the USA, are about that price on eBay.
    But two things I want are recreations of my dad’s old socks: Linen argyles and multicolored rag/marlans:

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