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I am wearing my Jay Butler loafers four times a week. For two years. And they look fantastic. They are moccasin structure so they are… stupid comfortable. I had an eye on the sole because it is a little bit thinner than traditional, but it must be made out of steel because there is little to no wear and there are easily 10,000 miles on them.

From April 14 – 18 Jay Butler is offering 15% off site wide. The code to use is TaxDay23 and you want to go here to use it.

Good looking, right? Click here and use TaxDay23 as the code for 15% off site wide.

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  1. The look of the Jay Butlers has really grown on me. They’re Ivy, sure, but there’s something summery and Mediterranean about them, too. I might miss the tax day (sale) deadline, but as soon as my budget permits the expense, I’m going in.

    • Nevada
      You are dead on here. I bought a pair of Jay Butler’s during their Black Friday sale, and after receiving them, promptly ordered another pair to replace an aging pair of Tod’s. So the moral of the story is that <$200 Jay Butlers are more than a match for their Mediterranean upscale competitors.

  2. Charlottesville | April 7, 2023 at 4:56 pm |

    I just bought a pair a few months ago and they really are well made and extremely comfortable. They have other styles available for those who do not care for bit loafers, including a nice-looking beefroll penny loafer, and the prices seem very fair, even before the sale.

  3. Anonymous | April 7, 2023 at 9:02 pm |

    Friends, just a heads up that O’Connells is running a “British Invasion” sale on merchandise made in the UK. 10% off for the next week. I’ve been buying from them for a long time, and have never seen their Shetlands or other sweaters on sale. Sorry for the interruption.

  4. TaxDay23 yields the following error upon entry: “Enter a valid discount code or gift card”

    • Tom Conroy | April 8, 2023 at 7:55 am |

      Try it on April 14.

    • As someone who owns several pairs of Jay Butler loafers, I am obviously a fan of their shoes (and seriously considering pair number 5 when the sale begins April 14). However, here are a couple criticisms. First, their sizing is inconsistent. Two of my pairs are very tight , though not uncomfortably so. The other two pairs are very loose, though I never have any fear that I was about to walk out of them, or loose enough for the heel to pop out while I walk.

      The second issue is that they really aren’t a cold weather shoe. The vamp I a lot lower on the she than most loafers. This in turn means that more of your foot is exposed to the elements during the cold months. Couple this with the thin sole, which while durable, just doesn’t offer as much as other brands in terms of insulation during cold weather. All things considered, however, I think that Jay Butler is a great brand. I enjoy my shoes and wear them constantly for three out of the four seasons. But I tend to
      wear other shoes when temperatures get really cold.

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