Seventh Anniversary And Ask Me Anything At Reddit


Today marks the seventh anniversary of We’ve now produced 1,233 posts by several dozen contributors, with no end in sight.

As per tradition, let’s review the highlights of the past year.

• At the top of the list must surely be the addition of our new Millennial Fogey columnist Daniel C. Greenwood, who has brought a fresh voice to the site. Actually a fogeyish voice, just in a higher register.

Chris Sharp and Richard Press continued to regale us with tales of the heyday.

• And then of course there is our major redesign completed this summer, which injected new life into the site. Traffic is up considerably, as is posting frequency (I hope you’ve noticed!)

• Which explains why my other project launched this past year,, is only getting sporadic updates.

• Two records were set this past year, recently the Sewanee post broke all traffic records for a single post, while a post last Thanksgiving weekend lead to the greatest number of comments, with even hundreds more that were cut.

• I supply the text for “The Stylish Life: Golf,” and nothing comes from it, neither a negative review nor an invite to St. Andrews.

• Speaking of invites, ones from Brooks Brothers seem to be getting lost in the mail. Hmm…

There’s surely much more I can’t remember, so let’s stop gloating over the past and talk about the present.

By coincidence rather than design, I’ve been asked to participate in an AMA session — that’s “ask me anything” — for a Reddit message board called Navy Blazer. Although I felt a little squeamish at the concept of being asked anything, I was assured that a fleet of security guards will be there to give any trolls a swift kick in the backside. The group has some 2,200 members, mostly younger guys, and apparently I’m supposed to dole out advice. I’m not a big rules enforcer, so I expect the refrain will be “do whatever the hell you want,” with a certain historical persepective to guide you, that is.

Click here to join the fun. I’m supposed to chime in every so often throughout the day and answer questions in batches.

Thanks as always for your feedback, interaction, ideas, corrections and just plain taking the time to visit over the past year. It’s my pleasure and privilege to run this website. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

3 Comments on "Seventh Anniversary And Ask Me Anything At Reddit"

  1. Congratulations on 7 years! And on that righteous beard: it’s downright swashbuckling!

  2. Lord Sir Anon | October 2, 2015 at 12:05 am |

    The beard is dashing , Christian. Christopher Waltz – esque , sir.

  3. What is the Iviest men’s underwear? Boxers or briefs? Is it taking the GTH meme too far for a trad man to wear lacey pink bikinis?

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