Red Pants Roundup


As the red, white and blue weekend draws to a close (don’t forget to cheer for the RW&B tonight in the Women’s World Cup final), here’s a roundup of all (well, most) of Ivy Style’s coverage of red pants over the years, including articles, links, photos and random references to Nantucket. Anyone bought a pair this weekend?

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Red Bluff: It’s Put Up Or Shut Up With Nantucket Reds

Old Yarn: Island Awakening

Style Icon: Jon Carlo Dominguez

Damned Dapper: The Origins of the Go-To-Hell Look

Unabashedly Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Preppy Week: Alison Lurie on Being Rich and Dull

Six Years Ago — Protestant Deformation: Neurotic WASPs, 1990

Nelson W. Aldrich Jr. on Preppies

History of Nantucket Reds

Whit Stillman On Clothing

P-Unit Forever: Behind the Scenes of Tea Partay