How Ivy are you? Or rather, how Ivy is your wardrobe? Do you take the heyday as your guide and reject any items not part of the genre during the ’50s and ’60s?

Or do you simply enjoy reading about the heyday and looking at vintage photos, but dress with a contemporary sensibility?

Recently I left a comment suggesting that only those who live outside America and for whom Ivy is foreign and exotic would attempt to dress according to the dictates of Ivy genre parameters from 50 years ago.

Sure enough, soon thereafter I received an email from a young man in Poland who’s fascinated with the Ivy League Look yet has pangs of conscience over the urge to replicate it:

It’s also interesting that you reminded me of foreigners being the only ones that bother about Ivy style rules. I’ve noticed that, yet still cannot free myself from trying to act by the book.

Then yesterday reader “DCG” left this comment on the site:

I think there’s an interesting poll somewhere here measuring how many readers wear strictly vintage or exact replica ’50s-’60s Ivy League clothes versus how many incorporate such items into an otherwise modern wardrobe.

Actually no such poll existed, but it does now.

Since the beginning, it’s been clear that Ivy-Style.com’s readership runs the gamut from teenagers to septuagenarians, fuddy-duddies who identify with George Will to retro-hepcats whose wet dream is to time-travel to Greenwich Village coffeehouses in the ’50s.

Somewhere in this sprawling range of men united in their appreciation for buttons on collars is you.

So it’s about time we find out where you all fall on the sartorial spectrum of hip to square, fashionable to traditional, undarted purist to darted apologist. At the bottom of this post you’ll find a voting button. If you’re reading this, be sure to vote as we wouldn’t want one type to be more eager to cast his ballot while another type isn’t. Vote whether you want to or not!

And only once, please, so the poll is as accurate as possible. We’re all curious to see where the chips fall. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

Here are the choices:


A) Your primary style inspiration is the Ivy heyday of the ’50s and ’60s.

Typical outfit: Vintage jacket, knit tie

Signature shoe: Deadstock Weejuns

Fashion porn: Photos of Steve McQueen

You ultimately want to look: Cool

It’s possible you are: English


B) You’re a timeless trad who wears current J. Press, Brooks Brothers, Southwick, O’Connell’s, Andover Shop, etc.

Typical outfit: Navy blazer or tweed jacket, khakis, rep tie

Signature shoe: Longwings

Fashion porn: ’80s Brooks Brothers catalogs

You ultimately want to look: Traditional

It’s possible you are: Southern


 C) You’re a WASPy/Anglophile sophisticate.

Typical outfit: Tweed jacket, grey flannels, ancient madder tie, something in cashmere

Signature shoe: Tassel loafer

Fashion porn: Ralph Lauren ad campaigns

You ultimately want to look: Elegant

It’s possible you are: WASP 101

j. press york street 2

D) You’re a fashion-prep guy who likes giving the classics a twist. You like color and slim fits.

Typical outfit: Jeans and a short jacket

Signature shoe: Anything worn sockless

Fashion porn: York Street

You ultimately want to look: Current

It’s possible you are: Gay

There are two other choices. If you feel like you’re a little bit of all (well, most) of these:

E) I’m a combination of A, B and C, but definitely not D.

And if you enjoy visiting this site for the content, but don’t necessarily dress this way (perhaps because you’re a woman):

F) I don’t really dress this way, but I find Ivy-Style.com’s content interesting.

Here’s the voting machine: