Reader Feedback

Ivy-Style is one man’s trash and another man’s treasure, as shown in these remarks from e-mails, comments, and posts on various message boards:

“One of the best men’s fashion sites on the Internet”

“It’s not even about clothes”



“I’m amazed at the breadth of knowledge”

“No idea what he’s talking about”

“Your work is legendary”

“Can’t get it right”

“Fresh and creative”

“Total rip-off”

“Brilliant as always”

“A laughing-stock”

“You have inspired my work in many ways”


“Media whore”

“Great content, consistent updates, genuine enthusiasm”

“No enthusiasm”

“No morals”

“The best of this genre”

“Lowly and insignificant”

“I look forward to every new article and the photos are superb”

“Vainglorious and ignorant in equal measure”

“Sartorial erudition at its best”

“A monster who should be driven off the Internet”

“Thoroughly researched”

“Silly, inane, clueless”

“Always insightful, well written and interesting”

“Lacks authenticity”

“People sense something genuine about it”

“Doesn’t have his heart in it”

“I can always turn here for something interesting”

“More ambition than talent”

“When I say you’re one of the best in the business, I mean it”




“I want you to know how pleased I am the blog exists”

“Ego queen”

“You’d think you were a deity”

“Considered scum by all who count”

“I like it, for what it is”

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