Presidents’ Day 2017

Whether you’re out playing golf today, or dressed up in a bespoke jacket…

…. with a collar pin

… have faith in our great nation, which was founded on freedom.

And as the ancient Greeks taught, pursue everything in life with a touch of moderation.

Happy Presidents’ Day. — CC

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  1. Nice post. Interesting GHWB statement; prob agreed more with JFK on some things than he did Reagan. Epicurus stated such, no?

  2. Sounds like a great name for a website dedicated to civil discourse:

    Maybe you (Christian) should name the forthcoming civil discourse bow tie the “Knot-a-nut.”

  3. From the White house,

    We honor all living Presidents this President’s Day:
    Jimmy Carter
    George H W Bush
    Bill Clinton
    George W Bush
    Valerie Jarrett
    Donald Trump

    Just kidding, Barack Obama 😉

  4. First photo, who plays golf in penny loafers?

  5. @Mac Well, probably someone who is not a nut about it. He doesn’t look obsessed with his score, but rather luxuriating in the time outdoors. Probably a lot more fun to be around than some others, too, I imagine. That’s who wears penny loafers playing golf…with wood driver in hand.

  6. People who have a golf course in their back yard?

  7. People who like penny loafers.

  8. Occurred to me that the Greek line I was referring to was “nothing in excess,” which I thought was Aristotle but is apparently carved in the temple of Apollo at Delphi and is a general Greek maxim.

  9. Alas, I still live by “too much ain’t enough.” It was kind of a 70’s Austin thing.

  10. MacMcConnell | February 20, 2017 at 3:05 pm |

    People in a photo op.

  11. Henry Contestwinner | February 20, 2017 at 4:24 pm |

    It’s not “President’s Day” [sic]!! STOP CALLING IT “PRESIDENT’S DAY”!!!!!*

    The name of the Federal holiday is, and has always been, “Washington’s Birthday.” The Father of his Country is due respect and honor for the greatness of his achievements and excellence of his character, which far exceed that of any of his successors.

    Having said that, I appreciate that you could not have done a play on words, or even made a relevant post, had you used the correct name, so… OK.

    As an aside, I have always found the use of the American flag in clothing to be disrespectful and in poor taste; indeed, it is a violation of the United States Flag Code. Whether or not it is shocking or surprising that a Bush should use the flag in this way, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

    *File under “Peeves, Pet.”

  12. Politics in America is such a silly game. Occasionally we’ve preferred wisdom, erudition, thoughtfulness, and calm (Wilson comes to mind), but mostly the worst among the citizenry vote of the one who knows how to entertain us or impress us with the aggression or even bloodlust. (After all these years, we’re still a bunch of shouting, jumping, grunting monkeys, aren’t we?) Here’a a guess: At any given point in American history, hundreds of men were more qualified and better suited (temperament, intelligence, diplomatic skills, etc.) to the office of president than the men who ascended to the Oval Office. After James Monroe it was mostly downhill.

    I once found it odd that someone of George HW Bush’s background/pedigree actively sought the presidency with such zeal. But, well, upon reflection, seems he was far from the reserved, effete Eastern WASP. He loved to compete and win. As a younger pol, he criticized his opponent (Texas U.S. Senate race in ’64) for being too liberal–in particular his vote in favor of the Civil Rights Act. Was Texas was better off with Yarborough, who prioritized the environment and spoke out against U.S. intervention in Vietnam? Likely.

    After learning about his approval of Lee Atwater’s campaign tactics–well. No more about that.

    It’s likely we’ll probably never learn. I mean, look at what the hell just happened. Not like we had much of a choice, though.

  13. I submit that having the flag as the lining of your sport coat after you’ve actually served as Commander in Chief (not to mention having flown your torpedo bomber against the Japanese) is in a different realm than being 19 years old on the porch of your fraternity house, wearing “Old Glory” as short-shorts with your Reagan/Bush ’84 t-shirt.

  14. Addendum: Am I the only one who thought Dukakis was every bit as preppy as Bush if not more so?

  15. Don’t you think it’s a bit absurd to expect a lack of ambition from someone running for President? To lead the free world? For that matter, someone running for any political office of consequence? Would you install someone freshly graduated from business school as president of GM?

    We Americans appear to want leaders as pure as an angel and as skilled as the Devil. One doesn’t become “qualified” without scars.

    Further, it’s up to the voters to take a clear-eyed look at candidates and separate the from those who can get things done. It’s not that hard if you really try and think about it. The less we put into it, the worse we’re going to get.

    (I will now dismount my soap box)

  16. Damned typo: “separate the blowhards and crooks from…”

  17. Vern Trotter | February 20, 2017 at 7:12 pm |

    This JFK shot was just a photo op. Thus no golf shoes. Nothing wrong. His back was so bad the last years he couldn’t even go close to nine. A nice picture.

    Contrast with LBJ picking his Beagle up by the ears and saying “it is good for him!” Or presidential wannabes Mike Dukakis posing as a tank commander or John Kerry lying about killing a stag to a group of hunters.

  18. I imagine JFK was so shot up with amphetamines from Dr. Feelgood he didn’t realize he was missing his spikes. Yes it’s a great picture.

    The other “JFK”, Christmas in Cambodia?

    I do agree with SE to an extent, but to single out Atwater seems a bit much considering every Republican presidential nominee from Eisenhower on has been accused of being a Crypto- Nazi by democrats 😉

  19. “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

    – Plato

  20. “Occasionally the real force behind a political ideology is the subconsciously held desire that a certain group of people should not be allowed to rise in relative status.”

    -Tyler Cowen

  21. @Christian

    Golfing with loafers is seldom a good idea. However, after leaving my shoes on the roof of my car and losing them on I64 right before a best ball tournament with my boss, I was forced to concentrate more on my swing and slow it down. The next time out, I kept the swing, added the golf shoes and knocked a couple of strokes from my score. How is your swing coming along?


  22. Sam Snead recommended practicing barefoot to help balance. In the early days at Brooks I’d play in my socks. These days I practically have a locker there.

    Swing is coming along great. Really getting it narrowed down. It’s like chiseling a statue out of stone. Takes a long time to eliminate all the stuff you don’t need. Was told I looked “stylish” at the range this weekend.

  23. Criquet Players, correct?

  24. Practice barefoot and you’ll be just like Ty Webb:

  25. To slow down the swing solves a lot of issues one usually encounters, though it’s hard to stop winding up and swinging so hard.

  26. The trick is slow on the backswing and slow on the start down. Gee if only it was that easy.

  27. Where do they allow barefeet on a golf course? Most don’t even allow tennis shoes. I guess there are exceptions, like courses that allow fishing the water traps when the course is closed.

  28. Apparently they allow bare feet at Bushwood.

  29. If playing in bare or be-Weejuned feet does not solve an errant swing, add a too tight waistcoat or top hat as in the Wodehouse story Those in Peril on the Tee.


    I was once paired with a black gentleman who remarked that I was “styling” my shots. In an effort to perfect my swing, I would hold my final position long after the club made contact with the ball. Turns out not to be a bad idea. I’m sure that you, as a competitive fencer, have good balance and form and may find it easier than some to eliminate unneeded movement in your swing.



  30. That’s not what the guy meant, but you’re right that it’s always a helpful swing key to have the intention to “get to the finish” or “hold the finish.” When I make a terrible shot I’m never in a good finish position, and there’s definitely a close relationship there.

  31. @ Christian

    Sam Snead was one of the great American commentators and advisors on our social scene, in any state of play, not just golf, right up there with Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce. When Ted Williams opined that hitting a baseball was the hardest task in all sports, Sam’s acerbic reposte was, “Well, he doesn’t have to walk after his foul balls!”

  32. Henry Contestwinner | June 2, 2019 at 9:01 pm |

    I never knew that bowling and golf had something in common.

    The comments about achieving a good finishing position after hitting the ball remind me of how I bowl. If I can achieve a perfect stance after releasing the ball, I will usually get a strike. Accordingly, I pay more attention to trying to achieve, and hold, the perfect post-release stance than to any other part of bowling.

    Interesting that a similar thing works for golf.

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