Post #400: In Praise of Manly Trad

In honor of Ivy Style’s 400th post, we present this visual tribute to “manly trad” courtesy of Kent clothiers and the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Free & Easy (with a little inspiration from Steve McQueen).

Always remember that trad is man’s clothes, and that nothing compliments a three-piece sack suit, buttondown oxford and rep tie like a Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso.

Running with the bulls in a pink buttondown? Swimming with sharks in madras trunks? Personally, I’m a swing-dancing badass in white bucks, but leave a comment and tell us your ideal of manly trad. — CC

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  1. Running into a burning building in Bill’s Khakis ala Chris Eigeman in Barcelona?

  2. Honestly, this is a difficult question, Christian. We have such negative views of manliness these days in the media, that it can be hard for us younger folks to really grasp a positive example…

    As a Texas Ex, I have always been fond of this photo of Walter Chronkite, though:

    It really speaks to difference I’ve begun to explore on college campuses, and the connection between lack of appropriate style and the lack of professionalism among current American students.

  3. Congratulations and thank you for the many great posts.

  4. Congratulations! Your blog is very enjoyable.


  5. I think Kent is some sort of subsidiary of Vans.

  6. Andrew Eastman | August 1, 2011 at 9:39 pm |

    Manly trad? How about Teddy Roosevelt’s African safari:

  7. Kent was the “grown-up” brand from VAN, appearing in the mid-1960s. There is still a Kent shop in Aoyama today that sells all the VAN license stuff as well as all sorts of trad classics. I got a order-made blue-and-white candy stripe shirt there but the pattern didn’t respond well to being stretched out to my height.

  8. My Manly Trad moment was swing dancing with my wife wearing a Brooks Brothers seersucker suit in white bucks at a friend’s wedding in Chicago. The looks I got that day were priceless.

  9. Skeet shooting in a tweed sport coat, white oxford shirt and khakis while surrounded by yahoos in camo gear. I was the butt of jokes at first, until I hit every clay but two. Yahoo’s comments changed from my unusual attire to discussions about my Beretta over under.


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