Poised Under Pressure

What are these young men doing to the buttondowned man in center? They’re blowing smoke in his face as way of training him to keep cool during civil rights protests.

The 1960 photo comes from a Time/LIFE piece you can find here.

Best wishes to everyone on this MLK Day. — CC

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  1. Caustic Man | January 21, 2019 at 5:21 pm |

    Remarkable self restraint and moral courage from that generation of young black men and women. It is good to see some images that remind us that MLK Day should be about more than just commemorating inspiring quotes and speeches. It should also be a day about moral reflection, standing up for what is right, and remembering that there is always a good to be fought for, and evil to be fought against.

  2. Did I just virtue signal…?

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