Perfect Match

No, not the couple. The guy’s outfit in this 1959 illustration. Check out the full image:

He’s matched light blue socks to his light blue shirt. That’s a matchy-matchy no-no, to say nothing of harmonizing with the drapery.

The other items are fine, including what we assume is a navy knit tie, and penny loafers worn with a cotton poplin suit — very trad.

Just stay clear of tan suits if you’re President of the United States. You’ll just confuse people. — CC

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  1. Joseph Fellow | March 2, 2017 at 10:57 am |

    Actually he looks a little like the young JFK, even if Harvard would have taught him no no on the bue-blue synchronicity. And I love her martini glass.

  2. I used to date a girl like this. She always looked like she was thinking of other things.

  3. MacMcConnell | March 2, 2017 at 11:25 am |

    “He’s matched light blue socks to his light blue shirt. That’s a matchy-matchy no-no, to say nothing of harmonizing with the drapery.”

    Actually it was part of the look in the 1960s, matching or contrasting socks and shirts, but not while wearing a suit and tie. For example, pink OCBD, khakis with pink or burgundy socks.

  4. MacMcConnell | March 2, 2017 at 11:27 am |

    Of course then there were the geeks with pocket protectors that matched their socks to their dickies. 😉

  5. More preppy would be pink shirt and yellow socks, not pink shirt + pink socks. You’d look like John Travolta in “Grease.”

  6. Rather than a Martini Glass, the curved-sided vessel she is holding looks to be a Champagne Coupe, a preferred vessel for quaffing bubbly back in the day.

  7. Chewco L.P. (Non-Taxable) | March 2, 2017 at 1:42 pm |

    If I saw a good looking gentleman who was tall and very fit (read: a former rower) wear a very tailored, flattering outfit with his socks matching his shirt: this wouldn’t be a problem.

    The problem is we are used to see ill-fitting suits and matchy-matchy gimmicky attire (like matching tie, pocket square and cuff-link sets from Jos. A. Banks) worn by clueless, but well-meaning gentlemen who would, say, wear a burgundy shirt with a burgundy tie and burgundy socks.

  8. Charlottesville | March 2, 2017 at 2:10 pm |

    Not really on point, I guess, but I recall seeing matching shorts and knee socks in Bermuda, worn with a navy blazer, white or blue cotton shirt and, sometimes, a tie. Pink, green, light blue, etc., although navy socks were probably more common whatever color the shorts. I tend to like a little bit of color-matching (e.g., a bit of blue in a red or brown paisley tie worn with a blue university stripe shirt, or a tie that picks up one of the colors in a tweed jacket), but it can easily be overdone, yielding a look that says “My mommy dressed me.” Of course, a white or blue OCBD goes with almost any color of tie and a blue, tan or gray suit or sport coat.

  9. Sorry to dissent but I frequently team socks and shirt, green themed Burlington argyles with green gingham John Simons button down just today for instance. Agreed as far as suits are concerned, the nearest colour match to the trouser. T.

  10. Matching colors in an argyle sock to colors in jacket, shirt or tie seems like good dressing to me.

    Matching solids I say is a no-no.

  11. Charlottesville | March 2, 2017 at 3:56 pm |

    Me too on the argyles. I try to get one of the colors to match something else in the outfit.

  12. MacMcConnell | March 2, 2017 at 4:08 pm |

    In Greenville, Ms there was an old lawyer who would wear charcoal Bermudas, charcoal knee socks, white bucks, white OCBD, rep tie and navy blazer to work. His variation was a seersucker sport coat or Weejuns. This was in the late 1950s.

  13. Charlottesville | March 2, 2017 at 5:00 pm |

    MacMcConnell — In Greenville, Mississippi or anywhere else in the flatlands of the deep South, I think that sounds like a perfect outfit. I believe Greenville is where the food writer Julia Reed grew up in the 1960s, and I gather it was Hot. I have been tempted to wear shorts sometimes, even up here in the Virginia Piedmont, but seersucker suits (with long pants) are about as far as will go for work. Except in Bermuda, I have never had the gumption or whatever it is to wear shorts with a blazer even socially, although I think it looks great on those who do. Roughly 3 more months until it is seersucker season again, and if the Spring continues warm, that will not be a moment too soon.

  14. At first glance I thought this was a drawing of Jack Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe.

  15. MacMcConnell | March 2, 2017 at 6:17 pm |


    It’s also the birth place and “on and off” home of novelist – historian Shelby Foote when he was alive. Birth place of puppeteer Jim Henson.

  16. The only solid on solid matching that is appropriate is white on white. And even that has its limitations, like that Ken Bone character who wore a white-ish tie with a white OCBD, did not look good.

  17. Dutch Uncle | March 2, 2017 at 11:30 pm |

    Could someone with younger eyes than mine please let us know what the caption on the illustration says?
    Thank you.

  18. Dutch Uncle:

    “It was like getting a completely refurbished wife, Charlie thought, seeing Sue with all her new clothes. But even when she was in his arms again, he tried to forget she’d paid for everything herself.”

  19. Dutch Uncle | March 3, 2017 at 12:22 am |

    James Kraus:

    Many thanks.

  20. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 3, 2017 at 12:28 am |

    @ DU

    I’m young and have 20/12 vision, and can easily read the fine print in the photo. Here is what is says:

    Today, it’s 1957 and in 2017 – 60 long years from now – a businessman will become president of the USA, but only for three months. He will be found to not only be grabbing pussy, cheating on taxes for a couple of decades or more, and cheating on the election, he and his numerous associates will be found via multiple FBI investigations to be culpable of crimes against man, nature, humanity, and the people of the United States. He will be impeached and his political party will be so trashed, it will never be a significant part of American politics again. Although many members of the failed political party will be seen in the back rows of southern and mid-west town halls wearing American flag pants and matchy-matchy socks & shirts and matchy-matchy surcingle belts & watch bands, their numbers are few and their prospects are suitable only for guest spots on realty television shows. The other political party stepped into the void and created a totally progressive, generous and humane country. Everyone lived happily ever after. God bless America – Oh yeah!

  21. Roger C. Russell II | March 3, 2017 at 1:11 am |

    If talking about noteworthy Greenville residents then do not forget Will and then Walker Percy. A poignant past however an awful present. I do not suggest visiting the place. I can understand the shorts. The place is mosquito infested and hot as hell at least 8 months out of the year.

  22. Roger C. Russell II
    Haven’t lived in Greenville since I was eight, although I did visit there in 1990 while attending a political thing in Little Rock, I had a day off. It was the most fun place to live for an eight year old to in the late 1950’s.

  23. George Fencestack Stravine, IV

    Have your eyes checked, it says why did Obama use the intel community to spy on his political opponents and who will be frog walked when the leakers are exposed and prosecuted.

  24. Greenville, SC on the other hand is perfectly lovely as well as home to Rush Wilson, a fantastic trad trading post

  25. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 3, 2017 at 10:24 am |

    @Mac McD

    LOL. Still fretting about Obama? He’s out playing golf. No one cares about him now.

    The big target is painted on Trump’s back. There are four FBI investigations about Trump-Russia underway, complete with FSIS Court warrants. Several of the other 16 US intelligence agencies are involved, as are MI6, Dutch Intelligence, and much of the European IC. You think this is going away?

    Who will be frog-walked, you ask? The copper-top comb-over and his merry band of traitors all bound together with his red ties made in China. It’ll be on CNN.

    Watergate resulted in 45 arrests–including jail time for AG Mitchell–and impeachment. This is much bigger.

  26. MacMcConnell | March 3, 2017 at 12:29 pm |

    This is a nothing burger. Someone explain the 30 Democrat senators who met with Russian officials in 2015 to grease the skids for the Iran nuke deal aren’t being investigated. Point being there is nothing illegal communicating with the Russians unless state secrets are being given up. Transition teams always talk to the Russians among others, it would be stupid if they didn’t.

    This isn’t Watergate, it’s not even Clinton perjuring himself in court. Hell Nixon’s only crime was erasing 18 1/2 minutes of tape, Hillary, who will NEVER be POTUS, deleted 30,000+ e-mails. Hillary’s top adviser Podesta was a lobbyist for Russian oligarchs.

    Truth is the Democrats have become deranged, they’ve become a regional party unable to win a national election, so they result to undemocratic law-fare. I hope the derangement continues, they’ll get more Trump.

  27. MacMcConnell | March 3, 2017 at 12:36 pm |

    I’ve always enjoyed visiting all parts of the South. I’ve lived in the Mid-West for the last forty nine years, I like the folks, I like the wide open spaces, I still hate the snow.

  28. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 3, 2017 at 1:50 pm |


    It’s not about meeting with Russians. And its not about what Obama does or Democrats do or don’t do. That’s just silly obfuscation. It’s that Jeffery Beauregard lied to the Senate during his confirmation hearings, and not once but twice. That’s serious. Flynn lies and Sessions lies. Since yesterday, more is coming out about this.

    Frankly, Sessions ought not to have recused himself. It’s an admission of guilt. He’s now quite vulnerable and politics being what it is, he’s likely to suffer.

    And about being a nothing burger, I disagree. The Sessions affair doesn’t even scratch the surface. Big money from Russia, real estate deals, Russian oil, international financial transactions, bankruptcies, Russian and American organized crime, election interfering, cyber warfare, corruption in important law enforcement offices … the list goes on and on.

    Anyway, on a different but related note, I have never seen any posts on the Ivy-style clothing worn by any of the political pundits. Tucker Carlson comes readily to mind from the right and Chris Mathews wears Ivy-style from the left. Might be interesting during these politically heady times.

  29. Captain Capitalism | March 3, 2017 at 2:03 pm |

    Christian, why are you letting this crybully attack Mr. McConnell? I thought we had standards around here. I thought you were better than the SJW fake news.

  30. MacMcConnell | March 3, 2017 at 2:42 pm |

    George Fencestack Stravine, IV

    I welcome the investigations into Russian connections to American politicians because most connections lead directly to Democrat operatives, lobbyists and ex politicians. The Podesta brothers and Clintons come to mind.

    Flynn broke no laws, there is no law that says a member of the transition team can’t speak to foreign leaders, the election was over. Sessions broke no laws, read the transcripts, the question was about collusion in campaigns, not official business or who you might have run into a cocktail parties. DC and NYC are crawling with foreign officials.

    Like liberal Ann Althouse wrote today,

    “Do the Democrats see their only hope as getting an investigation going and somehow reliving Watergate?
    It’s so sad, and so negative. So backward-looking and devoid of promise. But perhaps that is all they’ve got.”

  31. Sorry, chap. That’s wrong. Flynn 1) should not have been discussing the then current president’s sanction policies with the Russian Ambassador. The US has a law about this called the Logan Act. 2) He blatantly lied to the vice president and made the VP look amateurishly uninformed. Not the model of integrity I would salute or defend.

  32. MacMcConnell | March 3, 2017 at 3:46 pm |

    Most scholar think the Logan Act is probably unconstitutional, which is why only one person in it’s 218 year history has ever been charged with it and never prosecuted. In other words, when a politician screams “LOGAN ACT” they are playing politics and hoping low information voters are listening. If the Logan act was ever enforced half of congress and most NGO members would be in jail. Last I heard John Kerry and John McCain haven’t been indicted under the Logan Act.

    Blatantly lying to the VP is a Trump administration internal matter, it’s embarrassing, not illegal. Flynn telling the Russians not to over react to the Obama sanctions seems being responsible to me. What presidential transition teams haven’t talked to the Russians or the Chinese, it would be stupid not to.

  33. The president’s term does not end on election day. Your boy stepped all over the president’s sanctions, which are related to Russian election meddling, which reeks of collusion between Putin and Trump on numerous levels. From the moment the vice president publicly declares Flynn did not talk with Kislyak, it moves from an internal affair to a public one. It was, in point of fact, stupid for Flynn to have talked to Kislyak and his resignation puts the proof in that pudding.

  34. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 3, 2017 at 4:23 pm |

    Surely it must be very disappointing to see the politics play out like it is doing. You’ve won the President, the Senate and the House. You may even tip the scales in the Courts. All that power but unable to get anything done. Anytime something positive looks as if it might happen, scandal rears its ugly head. It will keep doing so because Trump is Trump–woefully incompetent and woefully unfit for the job–and Bannon is Bannon–a very dark nationalist and probably fascist. You think it liberals doing you in, and yes, that is a part, but it is patriots from both parties: McCain, Graham, John Dean, Richard Painter, many generals, ex-CIA, ex-Military, ex-government and many others all very critical of Trump and his reckless behaviors. Stop putting party over country. It’s the only way the Republican Party will survive. And, yes, I do want to see the Republican Party survive and do well. But not like this.

  35. Just wondering, GFS, why you Democrats have to politicize everything? This was a thread about a vintage illustration.

  36. MacMcConnell | March 3, 2017 at 4:45 pm |

    Like I said it was embarrassing, but not fatal to Trump.

  37. @rojo

    The Republicans here do that just as much.

  38. MacMcConnell | March 3, 2017 at 5:11 pm |

    George Fencestack Stravine, IV

    I don’t understand the progressive left’s, present day Democrats, hatred of Russia. Christ, your party dry humped them for 74 years along with the NY Times, not to mention Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie blowing them. Could it be that they are not communist anymore?

    Yes I noticed the regime change the Democrats and Democrats with bylines are attempting. Problem is that the only people that seem to have faith in our failed “elites” are on the coasts. Ex-President Obama and his minions should tread carefully, he is a private citizen now and has no criminal immunity.

    Bannon a fascist, he is not paying people to riot, but the Democrats are. PC is fascist. Note the guy just busted for phoning in bomb threats to Jewish community centers is a Bernie supported and anti-capitalist.

    McStain , Graham and ex government officials don’t matter, they can do their worse because their motivation isn’t country it’s the fear of loss of power. The Democrats and the press look more childish by the day, which will give us more TRUMP. Dismantling the Deep State is not for the faint of heart.

  39. Henry Contestwinner | March 3, 2017 at 6:28 pm |

    Of course the Democrats are Communists, Mac! They just haven’t used that term in a long time because of its well-earned negative reputation. They have prefered the term “progressive” for many a moon, though I imagine there could be yet other obfuscating terms they use. It’s hard to keep up on all their rebranding.

  40. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 3, 2017 at 9:53 pm |


    It’s hard to believe but the Trump Team actions today show their cover up is more incompetent than their crime (Sessions, Spicer, Page—all naïf performances).

    Ah, the nefarious ‘deep state.’ LOL. Now I understand: you subscribe to wacko-conspiracy theories. I dated a girl like you once. She seemed normal most of the time and had some positive qualities, but get into any discussion with a little depth and she came out with some wild and delusional fantasies. Challenging those brought out what any good wacko-conspiracy theory subscriber does: aggressive language, ad holmium attacks, false equivalency comparisons, and always the false aspersions. Well, that relationship didn’t last long.

    So, good luck rooting out that odious deep state. Be sure to put a surcingle band around your tin foil hat. At least that way you will look halfway decent while watching Info Wars.

  41. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them:

    Communists in America calling themselves anything but Communist goes way, way back. My grandfather told me that when he was young, single, and living in Manhattan in the 1920s, he went to some of the early Communist party meetings because he was curious. One thing the leadership impressed on everyone was not to use the term Communist. Call yourself a progressive, or an activist, or just about anything except a Communist. And so, when I was in college, my grandfather warned me that whenever I heard someone call themselves a progressive, activist, liberal, leftist, socialist, or say that they were fighting for social justice, they were actually Communists. At the time, I didn’t believe him, but as years have gone by, I have started to wonder if maybe he was right.

  42. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 4, 2017 at 6:51 am |


    Quite a thoughtful, open-minded, and erudite proposal. And, as I am sure you would agree, by your grandfather’s logic, all conservatives, traditionalists, rightists, Burkeans are actually Nazis.

  43. Ensiferous | March 4, 2017 at 8:57 am |

    Don’t forget that the democrat party is also the party of the KKK. Racism and communism go hand and hand. Nazis and communists were basically the same. They called themselves National “Socialists” after all.

  44. George Fencestack Stravine, IV

    Whose actions more replicate fascism? Trump dismantling a bloated unelected bureaucracy or Obama wiretapping his political enemies or academia afraid of opposing ideas or a media acting like Democrat operatives with bylines?

    We won’t get into lying about Benghazi or the targeting of political enemies by the IRS.

    Democrats loved Russia when it was communist, comintern was a great source of direction and funding for the new left’s activities.

    Nazism is just communism light.

  45. Ensiferous

    We haven’t seen the Democrats this deranged since the Republicans took their slaves away.

  46. Ensiferous | March 4, 2017 at 9:12 am |

    Don’t forget that progressives are all about eugenics. They are the real Nazis. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU especially.

  47. Ensiferous
    True, All the progressive foundations that today fund the left also celebrated Hitler’s progressive ideas and help fund his eugenics, attended his conferences, gave him awards. Then WWII started, it wasn’t till Operation Barbarossa that the left turned on him.

  48. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 4, 2017 at 2:40 pm |

    Oh what a beautiful morning,
    Oh what a beautiful day.
    I’ve got a beautiful fee-ling,
    Donald is going away!

    Your unhinged prez stepped right into it this morning and disclosed the existence of a FISA surveillance warrant confirming that indeed, US counter-intelligence has been given permission to examine the activities of Trump’s campaign and ties to foreign agents (that would be Russia). Only the Federal FISA Court can issue such a warrant and only when there is sufficient probable cause, and only the President can disclose them. Nice job Mr. Trump. You just acknowledged there is evidence your campaign colluded with the Russians.

    Extreme views like those expressed above, the whacky conspiracy theories, reluctant but otherwise good Republicans refusing to take a stand for country over party, and a thoroughly unhinged president are collectively doing great damage to the GOP.

  49. MacMcConnell | March 4, 2017 at 4:14 pm |

    They have nothing, but tell me how using state security agencies to spy on your political opponent’s campaign is different than Nixon using private contractors? Obama hacked the Trump campaign and the Russians hacked the DNC. FYI, the FISA time line has been known for sometime, it was leaked long before Trump tweeted by NY Times, if you can read.

    “June 2016: FISA request. The Obama administration files a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers. The request, uncharacteristically, is denied…

    …October: FISA request. The Obama administration submits a new, narrow request to the FISA court, now focused on a computer server in Trump Tower suspected of links to Russian banks. No evidence is found — but the wiretaps continue, ostensibly for national security reasons…

    …January: Obama expands NSA sharing. As Michael Walsh later notes, and as the New York Times reports, the outgoing Obama administration “expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.” The new powers, and reduced protections, could make it easier for intelligence on private citizens to be circulated improperly or leaked.”

    Gee, this sounds like something a Banana Republic would do or the Soviets. Sen. Schumer or his fat niece might just get the Special Prosecutor they’ve been calling for, but it won’t be for the reasons they think.

  50. MacMcConnell | March 4, 2017 at 4:39 pm |

    I’m not a lawyer, but does a lawyer John Hinderaker have to say about this FISA survalence,

    “This scandal cries out for aggressive investigation. Let’s see the initial FISA application, and the court order denying it. Then let’s see the second application, and the order that approved it. Let’s put the Obama administration officials who signed the applications under oath, and find out who put them up to it. Let’s find out what judges denied the first application, and what judges granted the second one. Let’s get the details on the Obama administration’s spying. Did they tap the Trump campaign’s telephones? If so, which lines? Did they hack into the Trump campaign’s servers? If so, which ones?

    Obviously, as President Trump said, the Obama administration learned nothing of significance from its spying on the Trump campaign. But it now appears that the election of 2016 may have been hacked after all, in a far more meaningful way than an intrusion into Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s email account. It may have been hacked by the Obama administration. We need to find out what happened. Congress should give top priority to this investigation.”

  51. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 4, 2017 at 4:45 pm |

    Sorry, your “facts” are just plain wrong. The Obama administration didn’t file any requests, as much as the alt-right might like to believe. The DOJ and FBI operate free of political meddling by the White House. It’s a long-standing, deeply-seated practice and one of the reasons the FBI director has a 10-year term. DOJ considers their independence vitally important. in fact, they will only discuss law enforcement matters in a very limited way and only in limited circumstances with a sitting president.

    Another whacky conspiracy theory, or as we hear a lot now, fake news.

    Party on.

  52. MacMcConnell | March 4, 2017 at 5:10 pm |

    “Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false,” Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said in a statement.

    That’s a non-denial denial, besides it won’t be Obama going to jail, it will be other Dems. It won’t be President Trump.

    By the way is that the same independent DOJ that is still getting to the bottom of Fast & Furious and the IRS political targeting. The DOJ headed by AGs that were in contempt of congress, met on the tarmac with the husband of someone under investigation three days before her FBI interview, basically plead the 5th when questioned about ransom paid to Iran, Jesus, I could go on.

    This is just politics, it’s a nothing burger.

  53. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 4, 2017 at 5:25 pm |

    Trump won’t survive the several scandals now bubbling over. What do you expect, really, when you publicly trash the spies and the press–two groups who are the best at digging stuff up. Pence will be implicated. Both will be impeached, then removed from office. Trump may go to jail for treason, money laundering, bad hair, and inability to spell at an 8th grade level. Because the election will be revealed to be so tainted, the SCOTUS will order a new election. Of course, with a fair and un-rigged election, Hillary wins. You’ll cry about it, but remember, its just a nothing burger.

  54. George,

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  55. George Fencestack Stravine, IV

    With all this “Russians Hacked” the elections two things to remember.

    First, The Russians didn’t hack the election, they hacked the DNC emails and tried to hack the RNC. That hacking is the only crime committed in all this BS and the FBI solved that crime, They said the Russians did it. They also said Trump was not involved, case closed.

    Secondly, it’s illegal to use FISA investigations for evidence of a crime against a citizen. Although these leaks are a crime.

    Thirdly, even if Trump did business with Putin, it’s not against the law. Nor is it illegal for a presidential transition team member to talk to foreign officials, it’s standard procedure.

    Lastly, check out the polls comparing Trump’s popularity to the media’s.

  56. Impeach Trump and Pence, you don’t get SCOTUS, you President Ryan from Wisconsin.

  57. George Fencestack Stravine, IV | March 4, 2017 at 10:26 pm |

    Good advice, Mr. Press. Thank you.

  58. MacMcConnell

    We are watching here from the UK how President Trump is making allegations that Obama listened in on his conversations, and yet there appears to be no substance behind the charge. Even the FBI speaks out and deny it. When he claimed Obama was illegitimate without the proper birth pedigree, people took it as barmy politics. But now he is the leader of a great and important power for world order. No one here knows what to think or how to respond to such wide divergences from the norm. It all seems like madness, a once great power being run by the deranged, doesn’t it. How can you possibly support such a person?

  59. @jenkins

    I was no huge fan of Trump’s but I voted for him to keep Hillary out. However, people of your ilk are turning me into a real fan. I know I’m not alone. Incidentally, evidence abounds to prove Trump’s allegations. It was only described in The New York Times. You may have heard of it.


  60. I was telling my girlfriend that white men who dress well and live off their daddy’s money can be just as much trailer trash as the trailer trash. She didn’t believe me until I showed her your post. Her response – “Not a real man.”

    Hey Honey, here’s a little secret for you. The NYTs is a hellalot more credible than Brietbart and Fox News. You should try reading it sometime. It just might open up that narrow little mind you have.

    We actually thought people like you had pretty much died out politically. Oh, sure, a few here and there and some still in positions of power. Admittedly, we were wrong. But you know what? Its only made us more resolute and willing to fight harder. 6+ million world-wide marching on Jan 21. Multitudes of women and progressive men now interested in politics and setting up funding and organizations to run for office and take the power away from the backwards thinking relics of a dead era and philosophy. With 12 million more young voters coming of age for 2020 you haven’t got a chance, Honey.

  61. “Trailer trash.” Not a very good class warrior if you denigrate the people you’re supposed to represent.

  62. @Marcario

    Bless your heart.


  63. Actually I’ve been hearing that Generation Z — kids who are in junior high and high school right now — are the most conservative since World War II. They don’t even like tattoos!

  64. That article may be sounding more hope than evidence when you see students at Berkeley and Middlebury rail against speakers like Yannopoulos and Murray. Where is the conservative students’ activity? And BTW, is that the best the conservatives have? Yannopoulos, Murray and Trump! Keep putting these geniuses up as your stalwarts and liberals can simply take a nap. Also notable: Calhoun College is no longer.

    Try as even the MSM does to find something presidential in Trump, he proves them wrong every single time. Very cool twitter romp this weekend. Young people see through that bs so easily. Trump is the best thing going for progressives since T Roosevelt.

    Húmedo que sopla besos a ti, Willie.

  65. @Marcario

    Si habla muchacho sasa manyana granday.

  66. By the way, conservatives have jobs and are more responsible than liberals and Democrats. Notice I didn’t mention Republicans.


  67. …. Except for the unemployed manufacturing guys who voted Trump.

  68. Of course I am speaking in generalities.



  69. And those who weren’t unemployed and still voted for Trump.

    Oh, and Willie, tu español es mierda

  70. The lazy unemployed who voted for Trump aren’t conservatives. Neither is Trump, for that matter.

  71. Yes, I was baiting that point.

  72. And the real point is what difference does it make? The lazy unemployed voted for Trump and aren’t conservatives. Neither is Trump. Except for ‘never Trumpers’, conservatives voted for Trump. What is worse and inexcusable, they continue to support him (lazy unemployed and conservatives, except never Trumpers) either actively or through their silence. In the end, guess who will be paying that bill? You are trying to split hairs about who is a real conservative and who is not as if that is some crucial criterion that matters here. It doesn’t. You are all in the same boat, it is sinking and there are no life preservers marked “Real Conservatives Only”. I hope you can swim.

  73. Marcario, you are as subtle as a mariachi band. Frankly, my family and I will do well regardless who is in the White House. I would hope that many who frequent this site feel the same.

    Incidentally, don’t you think it is only fair that the people who benefit from all the government giveaways (welfare, food stamps, Obama phones et al.) should be the ones who pay for them? Make laziness and irresponsibility uncomfortable and you will get less of it. I’m very tired of paying the bill.

    Love ya chica,


  74. Everyone else hear the screeching halt of the NYT’s and WAPO’s Trump / Russian clusion caravan based on their comfirmed leaks of anonymous sources concerning Trump team surveillance. To protect Obama they have now basically said the reportage on the matter has all been based on a lie, there was no Trump campaign or transition team electronic surveillance.

    Dems and their opposition party media played with fire and were shocked when Trump failed to go after Obama’s minions, but Obama.

    We will see how this plays out with the Dems now on defence of an ex-president who doesn’t seem to understand the American tradition of fading away from politics. A nation can have only one king.

  75. Williecito. Your family may be well off so that it doesn’t matter who is in the White House, but you are no different than the ‘lazy unemployed’ voting for Trump and throwing rocks at the system.

    Instead of working to fix problems you choose to throw rocks? Is this why the conservatives now look away as the president wraps his arms around a totalitarian communist? Is is still throwing the rocks? This is un-American, no?

    Mackie. You should take some time and educate yourself before speaking. Surveillance allowed by the FISA Court is done for foreign agents. It cannot be for American citizens. NYT and Wapo didn’t lie. Your president probably learned that he and close members of his team were caught saying things to foreign agents they shouldn’t have said. Collateral damage, you would say, and all legal, naturally. His epica meltdown this weekend means he is feeling the noose tighten around his traitor’s neck. BYT, America has no king. We have a constitutional republic for more than 200 years, no monarchy. Again, educate yourself.

  76. Taking wife out to lunch today for Mexican food. Keep smiling chica.


  77. Marcario
    King was a metaphor for the presidency. You do know what a metaphor is.

    FISA is for foreign agent surveillance, the inclusion of US citizens in transcripts is illegal. It’s also illegal to leak FISA product.

    Trump’s “epic meltdown” was a cunning counter attack The conversation now is about surveillance of political opposition by the Obama admin. We now have a non denial denial from Obama’s spokesman concerning “wiretaps” and the NY Times denying their reporting on such in op eds. Funny, front page on NY Time Jan. 20th headline, mentions wiretapping of Trump’s team. So which is it?

    Regardless, the FBI and Obama’s DNI state there is no Trump / Russian collusion. I’ll agree Clapper has truth issues.

    “Collateral damage “? Yes, remember that as these “investigations” move forward, it probably won’t be Trump operatives taking the 5th.

  78. Mac,

    Sounds like you’ve been listening to too much Alex Jones. There is a reason WFB booted the Birchers from the preppy wing of the conservative movement.

  79. Will,

    Quit while you’re ahead. Let the liberals keep their monopoly on smugness.

  80. Marcario,

    Go back to Mexico if you hate America so much.

  81. No, really, we’re heading to Moe’s. I’m having a Joey Bag of Donuts.


  82. Taliesin
    Because the Birchers morphed into an anti semitic organization.

  83. Whereas Alex Jones has always been anti-Semitic?

  84. Taliesin
    I don’t do INFOWAR and Jones, but don’t forget even grocery store rags occasionally get political scoops, just ask John Edwards.

    I’m more of Powerline, Althouse, Instapundit, Ace of Spades HQ, Drudge, The Volokh Conspiracy guy. Occasionally NRO and Weekly Standard, I use to hit Breitbart hollywood section for the movie reviews, but they haven’t reviewed many since Hollywood went hair on fire deranged. Let’s not forget Legal Insurrection for censorship and denying of civil rights on campuses.

  85. Well, either way, you sound like Alex Jones with your conspiracy theory ranting.

    You may want to add something with actual reporting to your diet. Even if it’s biased left or right. It allows you to form your own opinions instead of just parroting whatever is echoing around our bubble at the time.

  86. I actually have a friend who gets his sports news from NPR.


  87. MacMcConnell | March 7, 2017 at 2:47 pm |

    I don’t get my news form these sources, most of these have commentary from right and left and middle. Who are the conspiracy theory nuts, the Dems ranting for the last six months about a Russian Manchurian candidate or me wondering how telephone conversation transcripts between President elect Trump and foreign leaders were even made and distributed? Same with his advisers, fourth amendment anyone?.

    I don’t think it strange to believe it’s possible that Obama’s admin spied on Trump, they did it to journalist, the AP, even sitting US Senators. It may in the end be found legal, but what does it say about Obama’s legacy?

  88. Talisen

    Go back to Africa if you hate critiques of your views so much.

    Mi hermano pequeño Williecito,

    Eating too many Joey Bag of Donuts are going to give you un culo gordo, ninito. You will soon speak Italiano (hope it’s better than your Espanol)

    Like your new Speedy Gonzales icon. It has much love in South America. Better than Pepe.


    Cunning? Stupid, is more like it. None of his staff knew what he was doing and everyone is now focused more on Trump-Russia this week than ever before. You think distracting from a news cycle is going to make it all go away? Nyet. Everyone says if this guy gets so frazzed so easy, what will happen when a real crisis comes.

    You are right, Trump ‘operatives’ won’t be taking the fifth. They will be making deals faster than they made executive orders to save their sorry nalgas and keep themselves out of jail. My closet is stocked with popcorn and tostados. We are waiting for the show.

  89. MacMcConnell | March 7, 2017 at 5:50 pm |

    Enjoy, politics is just politics.The media doesn’t understand a republican who fights back and doesn’t sink in the polls when they attack. The Bushes laid down. The media only seems to be critical of presidents that are white and republican, they voters have noticed. When every republican presidential candidate since WWII is Hitler, then no one is Hitler. FYI, it’s not illegal to talk to the Russians

  90. Oh, a republican who fights, Vivaracho? Not on TrumpyCare, according to Miss Anne Coulter: “Who wrote this piece of crap Obamacare replacement bill? Also, I would like every person involved in the writing of this Obamacare replacement POS to take a ten-minute IQ test.” (Don’t do it Miss Ann, they will all fail).

    And the Breitbart News says: “Obamacare 2.0 Guts Enforcement, Gives Illegal Aliens Health Care Through Identity Fraud.” A fighting republican on the most important of republican issues? I expect more.

    As far as media being critical of only white and republican presidents:

    Of course you read only the alt-right media you said, so you read a warped view.

    Only white presidents get criticised? We won’t go there Senore Prejuicio

  91. Deafening silence in the press regarding Russian Trump election hacking. Interesting.


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