The Man Makes The Clothing

Editor’s Note: We once again are treated to the brilliant writing of Daniel D. Covell, to whom we are always grateful for both his books and his submissions here. Paul Winston, whose family owned the well-regarded Ivy Style purveyor Chipp, said of John F. Kennedy, Jr., “Kennedy was a handsome and important man.  That old

In The 1940s

Men’s fashion was in a staid place. Men were not incentivized to buy suits because the war took the money and the joy out of it. In fact, many men wore their uniforms on suit-occasions. Jayne Shrimpton, in her book Fashion In The 40’s, writes: “Men’s clothing was also subject to strict guidelines: single-breasted jackets

Ivy Notes S2 E8

First, this is a great article with a gazillion great Black Ivy pictures in one place. Second, a poll question for here and for the FB group. What piece that you would include in the Ivy canon was introduced to the style after the year 1960? Third, is Brooks coming back to center a little?

Happy 75th Andover!

Andover has selected 22 items to feature, some of them commemorative of the 75th anniversary of the Ivy Icon. Over at the FB Group, we are featuring one a day. Thought I would share this one with you, it is up all weekend. Here’s the link to check out the pants.


Editor’s Note: Thank you again to James Taylor of Waterhollow Tweed for this continuing series. Land’s End is now known mainly as a company that produces decent mid-range items, accompanied by the occasional high-quality item that lingers from its past–such as its Chamois Cloth shirts. But Land’s End didn’t always have its current pedestrian image.

Cover coverage: Yale football during the heyday of Ivy Style

Editor’s Note: The following article is by Dan Covell, friend to the site. He is the author of Managing Intercollegiate Athletics which you can buy here, and The New England Small Athletic Conference which you can buy here. “In 1959, staff writer Alfred Wright, an elegant Yalie and globetrotting husband of Joan Fontaine, was covering

If You Are Going To Buy One Book This Summer…

My friend and author Bruce Boyer. This book is amazing. It is a vacation and an education. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON  Released Summer 2023 ALLENTOWN, PA – Blue Heron Book Works is proud to announce the launch of G. Bruce Boyer’s 9th book, RIFFS: Random Reflections on Jazz, Blues and Early Rock.  In 1938, 30 years

The Great Debate Takes A Turn

Been doing this for a few years now, and there are a few questions that are fun to return to. One of my favorites is whether or not Ralph Lauren is Ivy. My assertion is… no. I do have two great Ralph Lauren as a person stories though. As a person, definitely Ivy. One night,

Ties When You Don’t Have To Wear A Tie

I’ve reprinted this photo on the site before, because it is the foundation for my whole summer look. White OCBD, rolled up everything, hair a little too long. Over at the FB Group I am featuring 22 pieces from Andover, in celebration of their 75th anniversary. Today’s is this turtle tie: … which got me

Watch Andover.

This year, Andover turns 75. To celebrate, we are starting an initiative over at the FB group. 22 pieces, one featured a day. Some of these are anniversary pieces to commemorate. Date yet to be announced but I will be attending their 75th anniversary and doing an Ivy-Style podcast with Constantine Valhouli. You want to

Happy Father’s Day!

When we had Gramercy, I worried about money to an electrician friend of mine who was a grandfather. He said, “You know what she is going to want the most?” I said, “What?” He said, “You.” To all the fathers who answer the calling.

Questions I Got Over At FB and My Answers: Part One

So over at FB people write me questions from time to time privately. In case you aren’t over there with us (and a lot of you are not, and I get it, we don’t need another comment on how you don’t do FB) I thought it would be interesting to place them here. I am

Chuck Taylors Are Magnetic North For Ivy

That’s a great drawing of Chuck Taylors, right? So classic, in fact, that there is even a video that will teach you how to draw them. So The Amazing Tom sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal (it is pay walled) about alternatives to Chuck Taylors. It is written by Nathan Taylor Pemberton