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The Heyday Christmas Turntable

The time for Christmas cheer is once again upon us and Ivy Style is here to help you celebrate in midcentury manner. When one thinks of the Christmas season, one of the first things to spring to mind is music. With that in mind, here’s a look back at some worthy old chestnuts, standards and

What, Me Worry?

For Election Day 2020, here’s trivial troika of retro diversions. First up is the Kennedy clan in 1960, looking concerned when the outcome was still undecided. Perhaps JFK was humming our second vintage distraction, the Kingston Trio’s signature song “Worried Man”: And thirdly, from the previous election cycle of 1956, we have the debut cover of

The Button-Down Mind Set

GQ’s Style Guy advice column once had the following curious exchange apropos of our collar of choice. A reader asked columnist Glenn O’Brien the following: I heard somebody refer to a button-down-collar oxford shirt as “middle-management” the other day. I always thought the oxford was the great American shirt. Have I been sending the wrong

Black History Month: Hampton Hawes

In 1977 Hampton Hawes, a woefully underrated pianist, composer and writer, died at the age of 48 from a brain hemorrhage. Known only to the most astute jazz musician and aficionados, Hawes had accomplished a great deal to be considered a bonafide jazz legend. His brief time here included performances with Dexter Gordon, Teddy Edwards

Return Of The Preppy Jerk, And This Time It’s Twins

The archetypal preppy jerk has returned to take his place of privilege in the pop culture pantheon. Netflix has a new show out called “The Politician” which features twin brothers and a Southern California setting whose style is inspired by Slim Aarons, Wes Anderson, JFK, and ’80s Ralph Lauren ads. The brothers are played by

Ivy Trendwatch: It’s The Sixties All Over Again

Menswear writer Stuart Husband, whose credits include The Rake, has a new piece at called “How ’60s fashion still puts swagger into menswear.” The piece focuses on the UK and ’60s styles in general, but there is some mention of our cherished style here: The prime look, for [Michael] Caine and his working-class-made-good peers,

Don’t Miss The Boat

According to Esquire, there’s a boat shoe trend going on. Of course, they’re not your father’s boat shoes. That’s probably because not much that was once your father’s is your father’s anymore. From Esky: Though a staid classic of maritime casual wear, and a favorite among style icons like JFK and Paul Newman, they have,

Ground Control To Major Thom

Ivy Style revisits this piece we did on Thom Browne in 2008. * * * Lately it seemed like Browne had receded into the confines of his tailor-shop-cum-laboratory, content to make his line in peace. But now, thanks to the December issue of GQ, in which Browne is named Designer of the Year, the hullabaloo

A Summer Place: Newport

These Life magazine images of Newport, Rhode Island, date from 1962. They feature some plaid/madras jackets to get you in the mood for summer, a guy who looks like Tony Curtis (above), and, in the final shot, a visit from JFK, whose birthday is today. 

Collective Wisdom: Building A Wardrobe From Heritage Retailers

This latest installment in our occasional “call for collective wisdom” series boasts a nice pun on “collective,” given that the author’s family fled Communism. If you have advice for the young man, please leave it in the comments section. * * * When you’re growing up as a first-generation American in a neighborhood in Queens,

Hamilton Curtain Call

We’ll let George Hamilton take a curtain call after yesterdays post. It is Spring Break for the college kids, after all, and yesterday on Twitter I shared the above image of what things were like — at least in the mythologized Hollywood version — before twerking contests and chugging beer from a callipygian vessel. The

Chipp Off The Old Block

Paul Winston’s bold suit linings are so famous, many clients select the fabric for the lining before the fabric for the suit itself. Vivid linings are just one of the signature styles of Winston, the renowned tailor who began working for his father Sidney’s New York-based clothing company Chipp in 1961. Chipp soon became renowned

Presidents Day: Power Dressing In A T-Shirt And Chinos

A book on the relationship between clothing and  power examines centuries-old European monarchs, maharajahs and tribal leaders, totalitarian dictators — and the Ivy League Look. “Power & Style: A World History of Politics and Dress,” by Dominique and Francois Gaulme, presents JFK as the centerpiece of its chapter on post-World War II American style and global

By George He’s Got It: Is Bush 41 Our Preppiest Prez?

Another look back at our previous posts about President Bush. * * * On Wednesday George HW Bush celebrated his 89th birthday, and well-wishers were encouraged to honor the occasion by donning whimsical socks. Go-to-hell hosiery has become Bush’s trademark now that he’s at that age when dressing becomes something of a challenge. Although JFK

Bruce Almighty

Over the past several decades, G. Bruce Boyer has distinguished himself as one of the most erudite writers ever to tackle the subject of menswear. Born in 1941, he came of age at the Ivy League Look’s height in popularity. A graduate of Moravian, the fifth-oldest college in the US, Boyer went on to do graduate

I Miss Rugby

This post from last spring snagged a mention in the comments section on yesterday’s post about the launch of the new RL collection Boathouse, and so we pay it a revisit. Enjoy this and want more content more often? Help Ivy Style reach its goal of 1,000 true fans. * * * After a mild