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For Weddings And A Funeral

I’ve mentioned here before that I haven’t owned a suit for the past few years, preferring grey trousers and patterned sportcoats. But I now have a simple charcoal suit to wear to weddings and a funeral — my own funeral, that is. Perhaps someday I’ll be buried in this. The suit was made by Kamakura

This Day In 1959

…. the Guggenheim Museum opened. One year later William Claxton took the above photo of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. A previous Ivy Style tribute to Coltrane (and the Claxton photo shoot) is here, while a post on striped sportcoats is here. As for posts on buttondown-collared shirts, Mr. Erik J. has weighed in on the

Black Mischief

Explorations in Ivy cool-chic: Ralph Lauren cashmere cable crewneck; Kamakura oxford buttondown; olive Levi’s 501s, tapered; Alden bit loafers; Ray-Ban Clubmasters, alligator watch band, Kiel James Patrick black braided belt, and Lemon & Line black rope bracelet.

Free & Easy’s Rugged Ivy Official Book

Free & Easy mantra is “rugged,” which means it’s full of clothes that aren’t exactly suited to my taste. There’s a lot of ugly stuff in there. But there’s also plenty that’s right up my alley: vintage campus photos, jazz recommendations, and stylish movies. So what if you can’t read it.

Talk Ivy: An Interview With Toshiyuki Kurosu

I am currently working on a book about the importation of Ivy League fashion into Japan in the 1960s, and as part of the research I sat down with Toshiyuki Kurosu (pictured above second from left) in February at the Kamakura Shirts office in Tokyo. Kurosu is legendary in Japan as one of the very