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Zach Of Newton Street Vintage Joins Andover Shop

Erstwhile Ivy Style contributor Zachary DeLuca answered the recent want ad for The Andover Shop and was offered the job. Zach was able to negotiate his hours so he can continue his projects, including acting as a sales rep for a custom tailor and selling vintage Ivy duds through his business Newton Street Vintage. Zach

The $1,100 Vintage Madras Jacket

Last year we reported on a $1,200 Ralph Lauren madras sportcoat; the price struck us as a little steep, not by the standards of RL, but of the fabric. This year the headline stealer is this vintage patch madras jacket from Chipp, for which an eBay seller is asking $1,100. The seller’s rationale for the

Introducing Newton Street Vintage

Erstwhile Ivy Style contributing writer and vintage Ivy collector Zachary DeLuca recently opened an Etsy shop under the name Newton Street Vintage. It’s amusing to think of DeLuca and Giuseppe of An Affordable Wardrobe, who also began selling online recently. Both live in Cambridge and thrift from the same wellsprings. It’s not hard to picture

Old School: Road Trip to Cambridge

The site will be quiet this week while I take my first road trip since moving to New York. I’m renting a car — let’s hope I remember how to operate it — and driving up to Cambridge on assignment for The Rake to profile The Andover Shop and its legendary founder, Charlie Davidson. In

Mission Accomplished: Robert Culp, 1930-2010

Last week saw the passing of actor Robert Culp, who starred in the ’60s TV show “I Spy.” Last year Ivy-Style contributor Zachary DeLuca wrote a fine tribute to the show, in which Culp plays a former tennis star turned secret agent generously costumed in natural-shouldered suits and buttondown collars. The post can be found

Designer Forum New York Recap

This weekend I attended Designer Forum New York, a menswear trade show sponsored by the Custom Tailors and Designers Association, the oldest trade organization in the US. The event allowed me to finally meet two cyber-colleagues in person: Ivy-Style contributor Zachary DeLuca and author G. Bruce Boyer. Meanwhile, the clothes on display (such as the

Freshman Disorientation: Ivy-Style Finishes First Year

Today completes its freshman year. From now on all posts will be sophomoric. The image chosen to commemorate our anniversary is from the LIFE archives (the well ain’t dry yet), dates from 1966, and is captioned “Freshman student Barry Unger gets perspective on Op Art exhibit at MIT’s library.” And what a dizzying year