The 2012 Golden Weejun Award

On this final day of the year, is proud to present its first-ever Golden Weejun award to Richard Press for his outstanding contributions to the Ivy League Look. In addition to being Ivy royalty by birth, Mr. Press has a record year in his service to the clothing genre. For starters, he moved to

White Christmas: Bucks, Flannels And A Shaggy Dog

With 10 days before Christmas with not a snowflake in sight, this bright and sunny day in New York with a high temperature of 47 is perfect weather — for those of us not office bound — for white bucks and grey flannels. Unlike penny loafers and khakis, white bucks and grey flannels is one

Crotchety New Englander Warren Rudman, 1930-2012

The state of New Hampshire has lost one of its most celebrated congressman, the feisty Republican Warren Rudman, often described as a crotchety New Englander, and the people of American have lost yet another exemplar of the patrician charm of a well rolled buttondown and rep tie worn slightly askew. — CC

MFIT Media Buzz Links

Below are articles and blog posts about the Museum at FIT’s “Ivy Style” exhibit. Click the name of the publication to view its coverage. This post will be updated periodically throughout the run of the exhibit. * * * Art Info The Awl The Buffalo News Capital New York City Arts Columbia Spectator The Daily

Life Of The Party: Formal Fun Shirts

So when you’re wearing your favorite herringbone sportcoat to your “creative black tie” parties this year (see our previous post), why not get creative with your shirt, too. ThredHeads is a mother and daughter startup that’s putting a neo-prep and formal spin on the Brooks Brothers fun shirt. According to the company, the shirts are

The Ivy Style Symposium

Despite our latest storm detaining some attendees, the MFIT’s “Ivy Style” symposium went off with a bang. Presenters included co-authors of the accompanying book; Patricia Mears gave an overview of how the exhibit came about and Bruce Boyer talked about the jazz musicians who took up the Ivy look in the ’50s and ’60s.

Kamakura Shirts: The Classic Buttondown Returns To Madison Avenue

Although it was founded in a small historic Japanese town, last week Kamakura Shirts opened at its spiritual home: Madison Avenue. Why spiritual home? Because, according to the company’s marketing materials, “the Ivy League style is in our soul.” Located at 400 Madison, just one block from J. Press and four from the Brooks flagship,

Rugby Ralph Lauren To Close In 2013

Yesterday WWD reported that Ralph Lauren plans to shutter its Rugby brand next year. That will include 14 stores as well as its e-commerce site. It’s a disappointment for us here at Ivy Style: Rugby‘s blog has given us quite a few links (I even wrote for it a few times), and while the bulk

Princeton Alumni Weekly On The MFIT Exhibit

Amory Blaine, hero of Fitzgerald’s “This Side Of Paradise,” proudly declares himself a romantic, not a sentimentalist. The difference is that while the sentimentalist naively hopes things will last, the romantic knows they tragically won’t. A reference to this passage from Fitzgerald’s debut novel closes an interesting meditation on the MFIT’s “Ivy Style” exhibit —

Ivy Trendwatch: Bikes And Bow Ties Edition

Fifty years ago, in the midst of the Ivy heyday, mass-market retailers started offering knock-offs of items previously available from only a handful of menswear shops. Often these brands referenced the Ivy League Look in their ad copy, throwing in, for such the nature of advertising, words like “genuine” and “authentic.” Now it looks like

100 Years Of Menswear

Laurence King Publishing has just released a new edition of “100 Years Of Menswear” by Cally Blackman. Steve McQueen graces the cover, in Harrington jacket, cashmere v-neck and white buttondown. Inside, however, there’s not much else to interest you. While the first half of the book, devoted to the first part of the century, features

Brooks & Hooks: The Cambridge Model Updated Sack Jacket

Update: I’ve just returned from Brooks, where I was able to try on and measure a Cambridge jacket. A 40 long measures 30.5 inches from the bottom of collar; industry standard is 32, so a Cambridge long is actually shorter than a regular in other models. I liked the shoulders. The lapels are very narrow:

Born In The USA: Allen Edmonds’ Patriot Penny Loafer

Last month Allen Edmonds released a new penny loafer called the Patriot. Says the company, “A faithful interpretation of this timeless design, the Patriot honors our legacy of craftsmanship and classic American style like no other shoe on the market.” AE designed a new last, called the 606, for the Patriot, which is “roomier in

One-Man Show: Richard Press’ MFIT Tour

Last night Richard Press debuted his one-man show at the FIT museum to a sold-out audience. The former J. Press president, who used to moonlight as a theater actor, had the crowd from the first line and never let them go during the 45-minute tour of the “Ivy Style” exhibit. With a lively, reverberating voice

A Closer Look: Crittenden’s Ivy Sport Coat

As a follow-up to our last post on jacket linings, which included quotes from industry veteran Crittenden Rawlings, I wanted to share more about his new Ivy sportcoat, which we first showed you back in January when I saw it at one of the trade shows. The jackets have finally gone through production and hit

Graduation Day: Ivy Style Completes Year Four

If you’ve been paying attention the past few years, on the first of October I always do a post announcing Ivy Style’s anniversary. If you’ve been paying really close attention, I’ve been using the scholastic metaphor of freshman, sophmore and junior years. Well today is graduation day: It’s been four years. I always use this

Behind The Scenes With Gant At Yale

Today Gant unveiled its new fall marketing campaign. Back in the spring, when the campaign was prepared, Ivy Style was invited to tag along as the company descended on the Yale campus. It’s all part of Gant’s continued interest in connecting with its roots. Founded in 1949 as a shirt manufacturer in New Haven, CT,