On The Tea: Cold Weather Golf Gear

Golfing in December requires a thermos full of Prince of Wales tea and several layers of clothing. Here’s how I do it:

Rugby shawl-collared pullover
Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt
Lands’ End jersey turtleneck
Lands’ End flannel-lined cords
Tweed cap
Herringbone gloves
Brooks Brothers engine-turned belt
Etonic white saddle golf shoes in Harris Tweed bag
Classic Specs’ Beaumont sunglasses
Peugeot watch on alligator band
Bewlay pipe
Astley’s No. 44 blend tobacco
Callaway Hickory Stick lob wedge

Socks and underwear not pictured. Duvet from Ralph Lauren’s Modern Duke collection. Photographed in glorious 2.0 megapixels with a 2004 Canon PowerShot. — CC

14 Comments on "On The Tea: Cold Weather Golf Gear"

  1. do you wear the polo over the turtleneck or under, to get down to if the day warms up enough?

  2. Shouldn’t it be obvious?

  3. “OldMoney’s comment….MYSTIFYING!!!!

  4. ““OldMoney’s comment….MYSTIFYING!!!!”

    Old Money /= High IQ; haven’t you heard of legacy admissions policies…

    Christian, where’s your flask? Must carry a flask in cold weather – if not year round – and not give a rip who sees you using it. Just sayin.

  5. One really doesn’t need the golf club or shoes.

  6. Nice golf outfit. I played yesterday in almost 50 deg weather. I find at 50 deg, a long sleeve dress shirt with a sleeveless vest and a light golf jacket works well. Very 1930’s classic. In colder weather, I will add a sleeveless sweat shirt, ala Maynard G. Krebs. Unless it’s windy, this is good to go as low as 39 or 40. Of course, that’s walking. Riding a cart would add an unbearable wiind chill. I never ride, though; don’t think golf is a riding game.

    Footjoy shoes, snap brim cap, pocket watch, ray bans, and a pipe (anything from a Dunhill to a cob, never heard of a Bewlay) make for an excellent day. Recently, I’ve been playing with a half set of Walter Hagen clubs from 1969 with aluminum shafts. I usually play with Callaway x-forged and Diablo woods. Unbelievably, I score about the same with modern or vintage. The golf manufacturers would have you believe otherwise. I had a good round yesterday, 39-42, with the 1969 clubs.

    Round out the day commuting to the course with a vintage car, (a 78 Eldorado), and it’s as good as it can get. Hope I can play today. Supposed to rain tomorrow and turn colder. Cheers!

  7. I’m planning to play next Saturday when the forecast says a high of 40. I really don’t feel like shopping for some kind of fleece golf jacket so I’ll have no choice but to play in my quilted Brooks jacket. We’ll see how that goes.

    Bewlay was an English chain of tobacconists. If I remember, their pipes were made by Charatan, Barling and Loewe. Anyway, it smokes terrific.

  8. Cool post- I’m hoping for a tennis one in the future, please!

  9. Keep in mind that if you’re walking the course you’ll body will heat up big time, so you might want to go easy on the wool items. Also if the the sun is out, that makes a big difference. Just sayin’.

  10. Why would anybody want to play golf in cold weather?

  11. You evidently don’t understand golf addiction.

  12. Skip Castaneda | December 5, 2011 at 11:48 am |

    In regards to Wriggles, I find that I play better with older clubs. I go around to the used club bin at the golf course in search of the perfect wedge or putter. I play with two sets of clubs. Pings from 2004, and a mish mosh set of older clubs Im throwing together. Complete with a vintage golf bag!
    Christian, clearly I understand your golf addiction!

  13. Love the golf outfit, so preppy. Love this.

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