Norse Gold: A Rare Brushed Shetland Find


Those who can’t get enough of brushed Shetlands should thank Derek at Die, Workwear! who just tweeted about some Scottish-made ones from Norse Projects, a brand definitely under our radar.

The specs (especially the fully fashioned sleeve) are compelling:

 Made in limited numbers for Norse
– Regular fit made from 100% Virgin lambswool
– Unique broken melange colours
– Yarn is spun using 100% green sourced electricity
– 2×2 knitted rib collar, cuff and hem
– Fully fashioned sleeves
– Norse Projects tab label at hem
– Made in Scotland

OK, maybe not the label at hem. But that should be easily removed. Best of all is the modest price of $131.

To see the nine color options, head over here. — CC

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  1. Very Druhmohr Shaggy Dog barking good!

  2. A. Thomas Ward II | December 5, 2013 at 10:25 am |

    Utilizing the site’s currency converter shows a price of $164 USD. Still, not bad.

  3. Squeeze, could this only be from a couple possible mills? How much of a specialty over there is the brushing process?

    If it’s the same manufacturer as J. Press, the $100 price difference begs an explanation.

  4. A. Thomas Ward II | December 5, 2013 at 10:26 am |

    Ah! Just saw that it IS $131 for non EU shipping. Sorry!

  5. Each Druhmohr Shaggy Dog was individually hand-brushed by a hardy Shetland maiden which I hope does not sound insinuating.

  6. The little tag on the hem is really lame.

    Why do clothing manufacturers do this? Is it the ghetto market they crave?

  7. 100% green electricity…..okay.

  8. The world doesn’t need another Shetland sweater company. OConnells sells beautiful ones for the price. LL Bean makes sells decent ones for under $60. Even J Crew sells ones made by Wallace and Barnes for $130….

    And so on. These hipster labels, ironically, thrive on the uneducated consumer.

  9. Isn’t “Wallace & Barnes” just J.Crew’s premium brand?

  10. If you visit the site you’ll see that the ribbing at the cuffs and hem of the Norse sweater appears to be about 1/4″ wide. It is a curiously feminine design. Better to wait until Shaggy Dogs are inevitably marked down to 40% off, and therefore only slightly overpriced at $140, than to look like one is wearing one’s wife’s sweater.

  11. Here’s the problem with these “Shetland” sweaters.

    They’re not Shetland sweaters.

    They’re made of lambswool, not Shetland wool.

  12. Having said that, nothing wrong with sweaters “Made with soft Scottish lambswool melange yarn.”

  13. I second madaket… the narrow ribbing just looks strange. (As does that tag on the front. What is that foolishness?)

    So close, and yet so far.

  14. But still, workable for some, and a good value, and points to Christian for putting the company on our radar. If only they had sweated (so to speak) the details a bit more.

  15. Try to find the Bill’s Khakis Shetlands on sale. Excellent.

  16. Bill’s New England Shetland are just amazing. I have two.

  17. I took a look and decided that the collar and cuffs are too dainty as well. But I do think the manufacturer deserves kudos for originality. I can’t really complain that the sweaters are “too feminine” since I almost bought a Shaggy Dog in hot pink a few years ago. I agree that the external tag is silly, but that’s what seem rippers are for.

  18. If I were to go with fashion brands, I’d go with Howlin’ By Morrison’s “Birth of the Cool” combed wool crew neck over the Norse Projects one any day, even if it is 135 Euro

  19. Late response.

    AEV thinks the world doesn’t need another Shetland sweater company.
    Folk in the Shetland islands certainly do, especially as lots of comments here seem to be driven by paying as little for their efforts as possible.

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