No Two Alike: J. Press Launches Online Made-To-Order Shirt Program

Yesterday J. Press announced a new made-to-order shirt program. You choose the fabric, fit and details and receive the shirt, which is made in the USA, in three to four weeks. Prices start at $135. 

Given the competitiveness of the dress shirt market — not to mention the current state of office attire — we asked JP exec Robert Squillaro to elaborate with some details.

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IS: What’s new or different about this program compared to your previous shirt offerings?

RS: We have offered this program in our stores for the past season and have had great success, but want to extend the offering to our customers that are not able to visit one of our retail locations or are not comfortable shopping in person.

IS: Unlike, say, natural shouldered jackets, the shirt market is quite competitive. Why should men go with this program?

RS: For starters, there are not many brands offering MTO shirts that are made in the USA for $135 each or $125 each for orders of 3 or more. Add to that our classic collars and iconic flap pocket among the options available when selecting from the over 80 fabrics offered. We offer neck sizes from 14.5” to 20” and sleeve lengths from 28” to 39”. All classic oxford cloth shirts are made with an unlined collar and cuffs.

IS: On a bigger picture note, do you have any remarks on the brand in the wake of the virus and any changes in consumer behavior and clothing choices over the past several months?

RS: Since the middle of March when people began to quarantine our business really began to shift to more casual items. We’ve had a very strong performance with all of our sportswear categories, especially iconic fabrics such as madras, seersucker, chambray and poplin. Seasonal tailored items in these fabrics have also done well considering the current situation and our made in USA shirts and khakis continue to sell well. Our 3 pack of oxford cloth masks made for us in the USA have been selling out as soon as we receive them.

12 Comments on "No Two Alike: J. Press Launches Online Made-To-Order Shirt Program"

  1. Does anyone know what the length of the collar points is for the button down?

  2. Old School Tie | August 19, 2020 at 3:02 pm |

    Charles – long enough, old chap, long enough…

  3. I have purchased made-to-order J. Press shirts through the Washington, DC store. Nothing but good things to say about them. A little practical customization is that the shirts can be made with a cuff to accommodate a watch such as a Submariner. I have worn out the left cuff form the steel band chafing against the fabric, and with the slightly larger left cuff, the watch stays under it—anyway, a small thing. Again, I find the shirts to be of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

    Cheers, BC

  4. I’m pleased to hear J. Press is expanding their online capabilities with MTO. I’ve been spoiled by the fantastic service I receive from the NYC location but understand how challenging in-person MTO must be (if at all possible) during the nation’s health crisis.

    As I started my order, I felt the customizations familiar and easy to select. I, too, wondered about the button down collar length but also the type of buttons they use. Adding more information to the website would be helpful since, I presume, most J. Press customers care a great deal about those things. Perhaps later, it would be nice to add special finishing touches such as locker loops, lining options (unfused lining/unlined), button choices, and monograms. Except for the monogram, I recall having choices on the finishing touches when I ordered from the retail store.

    Since I can get to the store easily, I still will want to connect with the NYC staff whenever possible. The personal care they provide makes walking to the store worth it. Still, I’m glad their MTO style is more accessible to those who aren’t in the city or don’t feel comfortable with in-person shopping.

  5. Anyone know if they include locker loops and a back collar button?

  6. Old School Tie | August 20, 2020 at 2:12 am |

    Eric – all I know is that my standard flap-pocket OCBD from Press has both a locker loop and back button. One therefore presumes these must be options.

  7. Brian Luscombe | August 20, 2020 at 10:10 am |

    The flap pocket shirts I ordered last Sept were hit and miss with the locker loop and back button, I ordered the four colours and not all were the same. Great shirts, but maybe I ran into a production change. Great shirts, great style!

  8. There didn’t seem to be any option for collars to be lined/unlined, at least in the broadcloth butcher and other stripes. Does anyone know whether there’s a choice available, and if not whether the ‘standard’ collar has a lining?

  9. I was immediately tempted, seriously tempted, when I first saw this news yesterday. I think that I’ll order a couple of OCBD’s to see how they compare to the shirts made by Mercer. Reasonably sure, too, that I’ll like ’em just as much. Anything to avoid the terminal pajama/ironic saying t-shirt/sweatpants/cargo shorts look that more and more are adopting for Zoom and MS Teams meetings.

    Best Regards,


  10. john carlos | August 20, 2020 at 2:37 pm |

    Brian Luscombe- I had the same experience as you with OCBD’s. All had unlined collars with locker loops. Only one had the button on the back of the collar. In any case, the shirts were top notch.

  11. This is great news! I’d love to see an option for 1/4 inch increments on neck size, but that’s a small quibble.

  12. I’ll venture a guess they’re using Mel Gambert. Good quality.

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