New Summer Fabrics At Michael Spencer

Startup shirtmaker Michael Spencer, the dream of founder Spencer Bennett, continues to grow and has added a number of new summer shirtings. Yes, it’s fun to actually use the word “shirtings” correctly.

A variety of seersuckers and poplins are now available. “We are extremely excited about the new fabrics that have been added to the portfolio,” says Bennett. “I love the versatility offered by poplin, which can be worn equally well in formal or casual settings. A striped poplin shirt with a spread collar and French cuffs goes well in the most formal of business settings, while the same fabric styled as a popover, with short sleeves and a flapped pocket, will be welled received at the next neighborhood barbecue. It is truly a fabric that is appropriate for all occasions.”

The seersucker collection includes traditional stripes as well as a solid white that Bennett says he feels will be very well received. “I love the texture, coolness and overall appearance of seersucker and consider wearing it to be one of the greatest pleasures of summer.”

And fear not, those of you who consider oxford cloth a year-round fabric, there are new choices here as well, including a new pink, blue candy stripe, and blue solid. Check out the full range of oxfords here. — CC

9 Comments on "New Summer Fabrics At Michael Spencer"

  1. I have one Michael Spencer shirt. All of my old Brooks shirts are 15.5-34, but I should have ordered the 35. The sleeves are too short and I never wear it. Otherwise quite pleased with the shirt.

  2. Henry Contestwinner | May 31, 2017 at 1:17 pm |

    I have a Michael Spencer shirt, too, and am quite pleased with it. I just might have to order more!

  3. No exploded seams?

  4. Colonel Reader | June 1, 2017 at 1:17 am |

    Still trying to figure out your comment:
    “The sleeves are too short and I never wear it. Otherwise quite pleased with the shirt.

  5. @ Col Reader

    I think the shirt is well made and I like the collar roll, but apparently a 34 sleeve length on a Brooks shirt is a 35 sleeve length on a Michael Spencer shirt. I like the shirt, but wish I would have ordered it with one inch longer sleeves.

  6. I bought my first Brook’s Brothers OCBD in 1965. I paid $4.00 for that shirt. In my opinion, the only place you can a get a shirt like that today is at Mercer and Sons.

  7. whiskeydent | June 1, 2017 at 2:56 pm |


  8. Yes, shirting. He used it correctly (not like those Menswear clowns).

  9. Based on my sleeve length comment, I received an email from Mr. Spencer. He graciously offered to remake the shirt, despite the fact that it is not really flawed and has been worn. That level of customer service combined with a great product and I’m a Michael Spencer customer for life.

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