Pictured above is the new “Dover” model Weejun from Bass, scheduled to arrive in the next couple of weeks at Zappos.com.

The news is so fresh, Bass PR hasn’t even sent out a press release yet (we spied the shoes in a men.style.com slideshow). Details are sketchy, but our contact provided the photo along with the following:

The original Bass Weejun from G.H. Bass & Co. was introduced in 1936, and since then has been worn by high-profile people such as JFK, Michael Jackson, James Dean, and many more. In the 1950s, people started putting coins in them (first dimes, then pennies), hence the name “penny loafer.” This year Bass updated the classic style with its “Dover” Weejun, which features a sleeker, more elongated toe and overall more modern aesthetic. Retail is just $125, which is completely in step with the need for “responsible fashion” in today’s economic climate. The shoe will be available mid-March at zappos.com.

Addendum: So 18 hours after this posts, I get ready to take my car to get washed. I look in my bookcase to see what hasn’t been read in a while, and pull out volumes by Alexander Pope, Charles Baudelaire and PG Wodehouse. I’m about to go with the Baudelaire, because nothing passes the time as pleasantly as reading “Don Juan in Hell,” when I remember that the the March GQ has been sitting on my desk unopened for three weeks. So I grab it instead.

Soon I’m at the car wash, shaking my head at the Dolce & Gabanna ads, when just before the guy finishes the last polish, I see the page below.

This is what happens when you only read the Tradsville gazettes and forget the world at large. — CC