New Bass Weejun Unveiled

Pictured above is the new “Dover” model Weejun from Bass, scheduled to arrive in the next couple of weeks at

The news is so fresh, Bass PR hasn’t even sent out a press release yet (we spied the shoes in a slideshow). Details are sketchy, but our contact provided the photo along with the following:

The original Bass Weejun from G.H. Bass & Co. was introduced in 1936, and since then has been worn by high-profile people such as JFK, Michael Jackson, James Dean, and many more. In the 1950s, people started putting coins in them (first dimes, then pennies), hence the name “penny loafer.” This year Bass updated the classic style with its “Dover” Weejun, which features a sleeker, more elongated toe and overall more modern aesthetic. Retail is just $125, which is completely in step with the need for “responsible fashion” in today’s economic climate. The shoe will be available mid-March at

Addendum: So 18 hours after this posts, I get ready to take my car to get washed. I look in my bookcase to see what hasn’t been read in a while, and pull out volumes by Alexander Pope, Charles Baudelaire and PG Wodehouse. I’m about to go with the Baudelaire, because nothing passes the time as pleasantly as reading “Don Juan in Hell,” when I remember that the the March GQ has been sitting on my desk unopened for three weeks. So I grab it instead.

Soon I’m at the car wash, shaking my head at the Dolce & Gabanna ads, when just before the guy finishes the last polish, I see the page below.

This is what happens when you only read the Tradsville gazettes and forget the world at large. — CC

21 Comments on "New Bass Weejun Unveiled"

  1. S.J. Redhouse | March 10, 2009 at 8:20 pm |

    A more elongated toe?
    So we can all look like Puerto Ricans?

  2. Horrible. I prefer the new Bass “Gilman” in brown.

  3. Yikes! Hideously unbalanced.. Instead of redesigning, why don;t they offer a higher priced, better quality leather version of their existing shapes?

  4. Why won’t they leave the classics alone?

    If fashion slaves wants something more modern they won’t buy Bass Weejuns, they’ll buy Prada slip-ons or something funky by John Fluevog. Please leave the classics as classics for those of us who loath fashion anyway!

  5. Toe is too pointy. What was wrong with the design of the old ones?

  6. They look terrible..

    Bass should bring back the American made Weejun instead.

  7. Gentlemen, I believe there’s some misunderstanding. This is a new model called the “Dover.” It’s not replacing any existing model.

    At least that’s not the impression I got, but as I wrote, the details were sketchy.

  8. New model or not….it’s wrong.

  9. Looks like it’s pretty cheap quality, to my eye.

  10. well, if GQ endorses it I’ll be sure NOT to wear it. 🙂

    I like the selection of books in your bookcase.

  11. foolio_iglesias | March 12, 2009 at 6:18 pm |

    Stephen A. Smith just called.Just to say, ‘Horrible!’.

  12. S.J. Redhouse, you stay classy.

  13. The Dover is not a new model. I picked up a pair in 2004 at a Bass outlet in CA. It had the same crappy plasticky leather that most people despise on current weejuns. I recently dontated it to goodwill because it wasn’t worth getting resoled. Could it be that GQ just picked up on this model?

  14. Guys, here’s the thing: feet are not round toed and definitely not square. So why should shoes be? I guess this is the first American made/designed loafer with a decent shape (i.e. not square and not round). This is not even a fashion statement, it’s just an ergonomically shaped shoe. I can’t imagine anyone wanting hobbit feet and matching shoes. If you argue that they don’t feet read this: elongated toed shoes must allow some epty space at the tip, if you need to buy a bigger size, it means the design is bad. If they are too narrow, buy a wider model. and if you think they are not comfortable than probably you are not meant to wear shoes: goe for foot-wraps (square toed products sold as ‘shoes’ featuring rubber soles and dispicable designs. Or buy sneakers.

  15. Wear original Bass Weejun loafers and you get to be associated with racist twats like S.J. Redhouse!

  16. Although I do like the style and construction, I was very disappointed to find out that the shoe was lined. The whole point of Weejuns is that is a basic, unlined shoe.

    As far as S.J Redhouse’s comments, I will refrain from saying what I feel in my core, but will say I am irked by it.

    Ivy-Style is about being classy, something he quite obviously has not learned yet.

  17. seeing a guy in a well worn in pair of Bass Weejuns is becoming. Esp. in well dev. legs. I have quite a few pairs of Weejuns in my closet.

  18. Ashleigh Mountbatton | December 14, 2011 at 2:41 pm |

    I ain’t doin’ it. They need to step back and step off. Bass los’ they mind and got jiggy — give me the Old School…

  19. If you want a real success bring back the Weejuns we had back in the 1960’s and I for one would buy several pair right away!

  20. I wouldn’t wear those to a dogfight, even if they were free. My oh my. Somebody needs to take a peek at Alden 986. I got paranoid about them going away, after Bills et. al., and bought 3 prs. of them last month. (the Alden shell LHS)

  21. Timothy Eischen | June 6, 2016 at 1:02 pm |

    Just awful. I fully agree with the sentiments expressed above – give us back a better quality leather, like they were in decades past. And stop messing around trying to ‘reinvent’ the classics – !

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