My Kinda Clothes: The Millennial Fogey, Summer Edition


As we race towards the heart of summer, here are some reflections on warm-weather attire from our erstwhile Millennial Fogey columnist.

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Allow me to reflect on what clothing serves me best in summer. I’ll start with the tried-and-true, not to say cliché: I’m mad for madras. Sportcoats, Bermuda shorts, trousers, shirts — sadly not a dinner jacket, but I plan on having one made when the right fabric pops up. My J. Press madras bottoms —short and long — have been staples. As with bow ties, if you don’t know what you’re doing, madras trousers can wear you and even call your sexual potency into question. Swim a few laps or swing some kettle weights before getting dressed and you’ll be fine.


I’ve never been big on short-sleeved buttondowns, but I’ve acquired a few for that hint of dressiness to cure Lacoste fatigue. Hands down my new favorite warm-weather shirt is this popover by J. Press in soft and light oxford cloth. Hell, the collar even rolls.


A close second, this regimental stripe buttondown by Kamakura Shirts is very mid-century California, and performs admirably as both beachwear or tucked in with khakis.


Buckle-backs are divisive. Some men love them and some men are appalled by them, which means companies often shy away from them. I’m proud to say that J. Press took a stand and put buckles on many bottoms for the latest Blue Label collection. My personal favorite is this pair of buckle-back shorts. Longer in the leg and straight cut, I’m itching to get back to Bermuda and wear these with knee socks.

FullSizeRender 2

When not shedding trousers to jump into the bay, I hold them up with a ribbon belt or woven macrame belt by Preston of New England or Leather Man Ltd. Stylish and only improved by age and exposure.

BELT (1)

As the sun sets it’s time for cocktails. If you’re like me, the cocktail will have a lime in it and the dinner will come from the sea. If you’re not wearing any madras, try a Liberty print necktie to keep things fun. This one in particular gives a definite late ’60s vibe without being too wide nor overly obnoxious.


Well, perhaps a bit obnoxious, but in the right way. Keep everything else simple.

Enjoy the rest of summer! — DAN GREENWOOD

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  1. Had to comment when I saw the bermuda shorts! I work in an office with a questionable dress code and extremely unfashionable coworkers. After thinking about it for two summers, I’ve finally taken the leap and started wearing bermudas with knee socks and a neck tie or bow tie to the office. I wish i’d done this eons ago! When I walk across campus to grab lunch it’s inevitable that I receive compliments en route, and my immediate superiors are too lazy to call me out on wearing shorts (probably because our admin comes to work in stripper heels and body con dresses everyday). Either way, bermuda shorts and knee socks have been life changing this summer!

  2. Rachel, this will date me, but I remember when there was nothing hotter, er cooler, than a gal wearing knee socks and Weejuns summer or winter.

    Speaking of Bermudas and knee socks, I remember an older lawyer in Greenville, Miss. occasionally walking to his office down main street wearing charcoal tropical Bermudas, knee socks, OCBD, bow tie, white bucks with navy or seersucker blazer. It’s a Southern thing. 😉

  3. Joel Vaughan | August 4, 2016 at 1:31 pm |

    Christian, curious that neither of the trousers/shorts you show here have onsseam pockets. Isn’t that the trad/preppy standard? Surprised that Press makes ohterwise except for perhaps dress pleated pants.

  4. That’s a question for a nuts and bolts guy. Maybe Dan or Richard has some context.

  5. Nothing was implanted in J.Press rules save good taste. For the record, the original post World War II Bermuda Shorts featured cream colored Irish Linens Made in England by Daks Slacks in their Duke of Windsor style, pleated, long rise and length, wide at the knee, side waist buckles and front placket. Khaki Tan knee socks were part of the package often worn at the club with bleeding Madras 1/2 sleeve sport shirt.

  6. Picked up a new pair of patch madras shorts last week at the English Sports Shop on Front Street. Bizarrely, I had to walk a newly opened Vineyard Vines store on the way. Anyway, very happy with the new shorts…

  7. I love that J.Press popover, it’s like an original Brooks’. Does anyone know where it’s made? I’m close to buying one and I know it’s not made in the USA.

  8. Seersucker shorts…that is all.

  9. A little off-topic, but since the Fogey wrote the original review, I figure it’s in the ballpark: I finally picked up one of the new BB made-in-America OCBDs: haven’t worn it yet, but I can echo the Fogey’s comments from some months ago that you can immediately feel the difference in the unlined collar and placket, and I have high expectations for the fit and feel (esp. with the collar buttoned under a tie). I also mean to pick up a Mercer for comparison. The only downside so far appears to be that all the lined-collar OCBDs in my closet – including some non-iron ones (for shame!) – have achieved instant lower-rung status, and may be on their way to Goodwill.

  10. Hold on! Is there a place producing Liberty print ties? Or did Liberty come to their senses are start making them again? I was in London a few years ago on business, and made a specific effort to go the Liberty store, because I wanted a new Liberty tie. I couldn’t find them in the Boston area. When I walked in, Liberty of London appeared to have become basically an extremely trendy version of Saks! And there were no Liberty prints to be found on anything.

  11. @Ed I know for a fact J Press carried some as bow ties and pocket squares, Turnbull & Rhodes is a New England based company using Liberty fabrics and they’ve got a very nice selection as well.

  12. Thanks, I’ll check out the Cambridge store.

    P.S. Love the Fogey’s posts. Thanks, Mr. Greenwood!

  13. René Lebenthal | June 24, 2021 at 2:43 am |

    Good to see you back on the website Dan ;). Love this post

  14. Do you guys tuck the short sleeve buttondown shirt i your pants or leave them untucked???

  15. Charlottesville | June 24, 2021 at 10:01 am |

    Nice to see this post again. I hope DCG a/k/a Millennial Fogey is still doing well nearly 5 years on. I second his recommendation of Turnbull & Rhodes Liberty-print ties. I picked one up at Eljo’s here in my town, and it is the real deal. Perfect with a seersucker suit or sportcoat.

  16. Charlottesville | June 24, 2021 at 10:10 am |

    Prepdad – Tucked for me, especially in town, although more likely untucked for something like walking on the beach or cutting the grass. I note that my short-sleeved BDs are limited to madras plaids and seersucker, although I would like to have a batik version if I can find the right combination of vintage-style color and pattern.

  17. Thanks Charlottesville.

  18. Roger Sack | June 24, 2021 at 2:33 pm |

    From the pictures the collar points look too short for a proper roll.

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