MFIT Press Preview Day

This morning the Museum at FIT held its “Ivy Style” press conference. The exhibit opens tomorrow, and at last photos can be unveiled.

Memorabilia adorns the walls:

Words as well as images:

Installation areas have different campus themes, such as this dormatory:

A locker room:

Outfits combine collegiate gear with vintage clothing from Brooks Brothers, J. Press, Chipp and many others:

You can almost hear the birds singing in the quad outside:

Hoodie under tennis vest under blazer:

Patchwork and Ol Blue:

From the campus shop installation:

Vintage Brooks Brothers evening dress:

Modern Ralph Lauren outfits:

Lots of school blazers on display:

Including this Brooks remake of a 1940 jacket:

Vintage J. Press tweeds:

A vintage Chipp jacket with fishing flies:

And finally the two guys who helped make it all possible:

8 Comments on "MFIT Press Preview Day"

  1. My God!
    Black tie and derby shoes on a evening tailcoat !!!!!!!!!??????

  2. Pics look great! Would love to visit, if only there was a JPress Clearance Sale going on at the same time (although it seems they are now defunct sadly) I’d easily buy my airline tickets!

  3. Vittorio Affanculo | September 14, 2012 at 3:00 am |

    Seen it now thanks. Your piece has saved me $500 in air fares. More to spend on clothes now I figure. I have to remark how utterly banal the curatorship seems to have been. The book is much better.

  4. Congrats, Mr. Press! Looks great! Don’t think my plans for fall travel to NYC are going to work out, so I will probably miss the exhibit. 🙁

    Mom’s Europe trip has been extended, but I think she might be back in time to catch the last few days; I’ll try to get her to check it out. 🙂

  5. Isn’t wearing a black tie with a tail coat usually a mark of a servant?

  6. I think a day spent at O’Connells would be time far better spent.

  7. All those flashy colors and clashing combinations are there to make the exhibit appeal to today’s college-age visitors, I suppose.

    In the heyday, Ivy adherents of college age would have worn the standard navy blazer or tweed jacket, the standard chinos or gray flannels, the standard blue or white OCBD, etc. Those are the items that form the backbone of Ivy style and all are still widely available.

  8. Carnelo: It is not an evening tailcoat. Turn it around. It’s actually a morning coat worn for weddings in the a.m, diplomatic affairs….

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