This morning the Museum at FIT held its “Ivy Style” press conference. The exhibit opens tomorrow, and at last photos can be unveiled.

Memorabilia adorns the walls:

Words as well as images:

Installation areas have different campus themes, such as this dormatory:

A locker room:

Outfits combine collegiate gear with vintage clothing from Brooks Brothers, J. Press, Chipp and many others:

You can almost hear the birds singing in the quad outside:

Hoodie under tennis vest under blazer:

Patchwork and Ol Blue:

From the campus shop installation:

Vintage Brooks Brothers evening dress:

Modern Ralph Lauren outfits:

Lots of school blazers on display:

Including this Brooks remake of a 1940 jacket:

Vintage J. Press tweeds:

A vintage Chipp jacket with fishing flies:

And finally the two guys who helped make it all possible: