Not much of a recap, as last week I only went to two of the smaller shows. Designer Forum, which I’ve covered here several times before, suffered a breakaway faction that met in suites at the Park Lane Hotel. Here are a few of the things I saw at both shows, and stay tuned for a follow up on a new series of trad sportcoats coming to a store near you.

First off, above are some new shoes from Allen Edmonds, including pebble grains at left, denim-friendly “distressed” leather at right, and in the middle a new premium shoe at a higher price point (sorry no further info as I can’t find my notes).

R. Hanauer had its usual plentiful selection of bow ties:

A kaleidoscope of stripes:

And some lovely wool ties:

They’re also branching out into other accessories, such as ascots and patchwork-silk wine coolers:

Castaway Clothing had some great madras shirts and swatches:

Plus shorts with surfboards strapped to woodies and a capitalist pig sample swatch:

Bruce Boyer and I were both very impressed with these US-made wool ties by Edward Armah, the innovator who introduced the pocket circle instead of square. Now he’s offering ties lined with a wool and silk blend for extra spring and recovery. Gorgeous fabrics, three inches wide, with a retail of about $175:

Smathers & Branson showed their ever-expanding range of needlepoint accessories. The third from the bottom in this photo is a big seller:

A growing roster of college belts:


And key fobs:

Below, ties from Peter Blair:

Finally, there were plenty of British heritage clothing and accessories from Smart Turnout:

If you can find the right occasion for wearing them. — CC