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Last week was menswear market week here in New York, and there was plenty of trad stuff to be seen.

Above is a new brand called High Cotton, which was showing bow ties and cummerbunds in gingham, madras and seersucker. They also had this clever belt that looks like a crest at first glance but is actually a boll weevil, a pest that attacks cotton crops:

Trafalgar had a selection of engine-turned buckles and all the belt straps you can get for them:

R. Hanauer was flying all its spring colors:

Allen Edmonds is doing many of its models in a new color called bourbon; this photo doesn’t quite reveal it, but there’s actually a touch of olive in it. I found it an intriguing color:

Southern Tide had plenty of preppy stuff, including the bow ties those Southerners love:

Needlepoint belts and more from Smathers & Branson:

For those who dig a 70s/’80s prep vibe, Castaway Clothing had this kelly-green lined down vest:

Not to mention plenty of casual shirts:

Souther Proper also had a prepped-out vest, this one with quilting:

Collared Greens was there with its bright ties and displaying the story I wrote for MR featuring the brand:

Shetland sweaters from Bills Khakis:

… and also tartan-lined khakis:

These Harris Tweed caps are from Wigens of Sweden:

Southwick had this polo coat:

… and this updated sack jacket called the Cambridge model, which the sales rep said was different from the Cambridge model sold by Brooks Brothers (which owns Southwick):

Bright spring argyles from Nigel Knox:

A new brand called Lazyjack Press said they’d sought to combine the wit of Chipp’s neckties with Hermes-inspired prints. Many of the ties were quite witty; this one’s called Demon Barber (you know, after Sweeney Todd), and consists of blood-dripping straight razors:

Grenfell was there with its iconic raincoat:

And Alden with its shell cordovan:

I can see Thomas Cary wearing this go-to-hell jacket from Bentley Cravats Corp:

And finally, a dash of Main Street Ivy, 21st-century style. There was a Canadian shirt collection called Ivy 1958, for the year the parent company was founded. Here’s the label:

And here’s the wax seal from the hang tag:

Needless to say, the shirts weren’t very Ivy. — CC

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  1. A lot of nice merchandise! The Allen Edmonds bourbon shoes look great. Thanks for the shopping spree!

  2. Lots of great stuff and I was just looking at a Trafalgar buckle. Also, the lapel on the Southwick does not look as slim as the Brooks Brothers Cambridge and appears to have more lapel roll as well, but I am not doubting that they have a lot in common.

  3. Some very nice things, and some other things, too.

  4. Roy R. Platt | January 27, 2013 at 7:54 pm |

    The sleeves of the Southwick “Cambridge” jacket appear to be almost the same length as the jacket, which makes the proportions look different from what some of us are used to.

    There were some “Wingtip Clothiers” jackets listed on Gilt today where the sleeves also appeared to be about the same length as the jacket. The Gilt listing contained these dimensions (again somewhat different than what some of us are used to):

    “Back length: 28¾”, shoulders: 17¾”, sleeves: 34¼”, chest: 36″ (taken from a size 40r)”

    What have you observed about the fit of the jackets that you have seen at Market Week?

  5. Hmm; if one were to spring for a pair of these Bourbon Allen Edmonds and set them beside their Whisky Alden LHS, their Scotch Grain oxfords, and their Cognac St. Crispins …

    Bottoms up!

  6. OCBD, is your Cambridge jacket that short? The model’s jacket is quite short on Southwick’s main page, but it looks longer on your blog. Though I did notice that the only pic you posted of the jacket buttoned was when your arms were up. Very sneaky 😉

  7. The Southwick Cambridge can be ordered (MTM) with specs that include a longer length. There are actually three or four Cambridge models–each with different pocket combinations. They’ve taken great care to creat a model that would appeal to Ivy Heyday purists.

    I tried a made-overseas-somewhere Brooks Brothers Cambridge blazer (the flannel) and compared and contrasted with the Southwick Cambridge. The fit is far from identical. Further, the Southwick Cambridge shoulder is softer and more, well, natural.

  8. Wonder if any lawyers are examining nominative “Lazyjack Press?”

  9. @S.E. – Thanks for the feedback.

    @Dan – It is short or at least shorter than I am used to, but not short like the ones on those models on Southwicks’ page and it does cover my rear.

  10. The new bourbon looks great on those Allen Edmonds; very rich shade. Looks like there was a lot of great stuff at the shows — would love to see more of the Lazyjack Press designs and actual ties!

  11. Any idea what a Southwick Cambridge sells for? And are they available to order online, it seems they don’t have any dealers in Chicago, or Illinois for that matter. Much obliged.

  12. Eric, Southwick was trying to attract private-label business for the clothes it was showing. In other words, they will make it for brands and retailers. I’ve no idea if the polo coat or Cambridge will be sold under their own label. If you’re persistent, you might be able to find out from them who is or will be selling the Cambridge model, then telephone that store.

  13. To me the best polo overcoat I’ve ever seen was from Polo by RL! Hands down.

  14. Any Southwick retailer can do the Cambridge MTM. If you want the model numbers, just say so and I’ll pass along. There are two suit jackets and three sport jackets.

  15. High Cotton? The boll weevil? For some reason I can’t see this brand taking off like Southern Tide or Southern Proper has.

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