Maine Street Ivy: Bass Returns To Pine Tree State

Bass has returned to the state of Maine — indirectly, at least. Though it no longer operates a factory there, it has contracted with Rancourt & Co. to produce a new limited-edition “Made In Maine” shoe called the Fenmore Weejun.

The beefroll-styled shoe, which is priced at $275, comes in four colors. Tan and loden are rendered in smooth leather, while brown and black come in pebble grain. — CC

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  1. No insight into deep thought, alas, though personally I like beef, no beef, and full straps, and have pairs of each.

  2. Boris Nofziger | November 6, 2013 at 12:55 pm |

    I rather like ’em. I think the beef roll should be a more common adornment. But to each his own. Kudos to Bass for a cool line of shoes.

  3. Never been a beef roll Weejun fan, prefer the Logan model. Beef roll says moccasin, not loafer.

  4. I’ve long thought that beef rolls are trying just a little too hard to be “manly”. But props to Bass for going to the trouble of having a line of shoes made in Maine, even if it’s just a token gesture.

  5. I think I’ll just buy Rancourt shoes instead. Poor Bass.

  6. saw these on Talk Ivy last week

  7. Malvernlink | November 6, 2013 at 8:26 pm |

    If you want shoes that look like original Bass Weejuns, in other words no beefroll or strange shape penny slot, call Rancourt customer service and they will make a custom pair for you
    in any color or leather they carry. I have 2 pairs and the quality and workmanship is superb.

  8. Maybe it’s the ad man in me, but I think the execution of the video is fair.

  9. If beefroll loafers are good enough for L.L. Bean, they’re good enough for me.

  10. Ah man, “Bass Relief” would have been a good title!

  11. Back to Bass.

  12. @Minimalist

    Or, even better, Back to Bassics.

  13. The Basstardization of the Maine-made penny loafer.

  14. Bassa Nova

  15. Is it too much to ask to have a shoe that is both made in America and competetively priced?

  16. Rancourt’s are competitively priced?

  17. These shoes are 40% off today on the G.H. Bass web sight.

  18. That’s web site. Thanks Apple spell checker!

  19. I don’t recall Bass even made a beef roll model back in the day (1960s).

    Seems that style was associated with Sebago, which was definitely not as desirable among the HS crowd.

    The first sign, circa 1967, I noticed (in hindsight) that hinted that high school/college guys would soon abandon Trad/Ivy/Collegiate as a dominant style was some of the cool guys wearing purple or blue suede, pointy toe Dingo instead of Weejuns. Why? Cause they saw Bob Dylan wearing them when he performed! The times they were a changin’.

  20. Bass most popular model was the Logan penny in oxblood. They also made the Logan in black,as well as a beefroll penny and a beefroll tassel, both in oxblood and black.

  21. I buy my loafers at Pennys. They are good enough for me.

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