5 Comments on "Last Weekend For J. Press’ West Village Store"

  1. Richard Meyer | October 22, 2017 at 5:44 am |

    Good to hear.

  2. Grand Central is not a station. It’s the end of the line. The correct name is Grand Central Terminal.

  3. @Jim How do you know the copy doesn’t refer to the subway station or the post office? 0 : )

  4. “Officially named Grand Central Terminal, this busy NYC transportation hub and city landmark is more often called Grand Central Station by natives, though note that is technically the name of the subway station just underneath.”

  5. I just got the new J Press Brochure. Fall and Winter 2017. How can such classic clothes be presented so badly? In 2017? In NYC? In the age of Instagram when there is gorgeous photography everywhere? I mean there are kids, unemployed, expert in graphic design, in layouts, in film and digital images, and you could practically walk up to anyone in Brooklyn and hire them to produce a great looking catalog….And this is what J Press sends out?

    There are overexposed photos of $165 novelty belts against a yellow background, limp looking $875 jackets that seem as if they were shot on the floor of some basement, suits hung on hangers with neckties looped around them. And then, encyclopedic essays, wordy, and boring, at the end, describing the new store and Jay Walter.

    I understand loyalty. I have appreciation for tradition and fine tailoring. But why would you release something that is ugly to sell your products? Is there something I’m missing in all this?

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