3 Comments on "Kirby Allison Talks To Alan Flusser About New RL Bio"

  1. I sometimes wonder, though, what would have happened to “preppy” if PoloRL hadn’t taken hold. Plenty of people would have continued to wear the outdoorsy, woodsy stuff offered by LL Bean, Lands End, Eddie Bauer, Orvis, as well as Southwick, Berle, Corbin, and so on.

    If his lasting influence is the big-brand preppy stuff (VV, for instance) and the Southern take on “preppy,” then it could be argued that the influence was more negative than positive. For those of us who tend to prefer a more Old School/purist approach, the updated traditional/neo prep stuff influence has been mostly tainting/annulling.

  2. Mitchell – I think it’s a Tank Solo size Large.

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