John Cheever Wore Size-Six Weejuns

Faithful reader “Old School” alerted us to this piece in the New York Review of Books by a former disciple of the great author. It discloses Cheever’s shoe size:

Blue-and-white-striped Brooks Brothers shirt, unpressed khakis. John Cheever wore size-six Weejuns. (You know? I’ve always wanted to write that! For its interior rhymes, for its being factual, for its snappy attempt at sounding both as smart and clear as, well, a John Cheever sentence. So, yeah, “John Cheever wore size-six Weejuns.”)

… as well as a few other things. It’s a superb essay, and that’s no small feat. — CC

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  1. There’s an almost elusive, (dare I say) pleasant sadness about John Cheever.

  2. Richard Meyer | October 20, 2012 at 4:35 am |

    Fine piece about a fine writer.

  3. Excellent. Thanks for drawing our attention to it. Cheever was a writer I was immediately drawn to after reading “The Swimmer” in junior college around 1982. I knew nothing of his background or his stature, only that something magical was going on in that story, a mixture of bracing clarity and aching melancholy that made me want to read more. Within a few days I purchased his Pulitzer-winning short story collection and began to realize far from being an anomaly, the story I read for class was simply one of scores of gems penned–or typed–by Cheever and that I had stumbled across one of the most sublime talents in American letters. I recently purchased another copy of his collection, the one I picked up in my early college days having lost its covers and grown dog-eared from use. Cheers on your hundredth birthday, John! I think I’ll read a story or two this evening to celebrate.

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