James Dean On Nantucket: Market Coverage For Spring 2014


A few weeks ago saw our semi-annual menswear market weeks here in New York, so I went to a couple of trade shows to see what we can expect in the neo-prep space come next spring.

First up is the above look from Castaway Clothing, which takes a traditional windbreaker — like the kind James Dean wears with a white tee in “Rebel Without A Cause” — and renders it in blue oxford cloth with seersucker lining. It’s paired with a white t-shirt with madras pocket.

Next, lovely stripes, foulards, wool ties and pocket squares from R. Hanauer:


High-quality argyles from Nigel Knox:


Bills Khakis was showing these tartan trousers made from oxford cloth:


Edward Armah‘s two-sided pocket circles, which pinch into a nice ruffled effect with no effort required:


Neckties both witty and traditional from Bird Dog Bay:


Despite reports to the contrary, the necktie is alive and well — at least in the marketplace. High Cotton:


The always-busy booth of needlepoint specialists Smathers & Branson:


And here’s a properly preppy note to end on: pink and green from Southern Proper.  — CC


3 Comments on "James Dean On Nantucket: Market Coverage For Spring 2014"

  1. Southern Loafer | August 17, 2013 at 2:45 pm |

    My first stop after cashing the lottery check at the nearest liquor store will be Smathers & Branson.
    “One of each, please”.

  2. CC, more pictures?

    I am always impressed with Bills Khakis. Great looking stuff, made in the States. Heck, they even use American cloth weavers.

  3. That’s nothing like the jacket James Dean wore.

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