J. Press Hosts (and serves) Madras.

J. Press will be there.  Because it is at J. Press.

On Tuesday, May 10 at the store in D.C. (that’s 1801 L Street NW #2) from 6 – 8PM,  and on Thursday, May 12 at the store in NYC (that’s 51 E44th Street) J. Press is hosting an event, and you are invited.

All the details you could possibly want in one image.

Rhys Moore, the CEO of St Johns Bay Rum will be speaking about the history of the company (Moore is a natural storyteller, we have had half hour coffees that went an extra hour) and some of the methodology that goes into their scents.  I spoke to him about it thinking, ok, I am doing this for work, and it took all of :27 (that’s 27 seconds) for it to get really interesting.  Know what else I found?  This:

I am getting really good at this whole photo-is-a-link thing. If you click here you can buy Mother’s Day, Birthday, even like in my case Teacher Appreciation Day gifts. From a great company CEO’d by a great guy.


He will be doing a Q & A, and I WILL BE ASKING HIM about what the deal is with the period after St.  So don’t get there ahead of me.  And you all in D.C., just slow your roll.

Also presenting will be Prasan Shah of The Original Madras Trading Company.  I profiled him earlier, and there are three things to know.  First, he is the epicenter of Madras (the fabric – I am the epicenter of the cocktail), second, he makes this coffee that will give you a buzz for days, and third he knows every weaver by name.


If you click here, you will go to The Original Madras Trading Company’s website. What, the novelty has worn off?

As the headline suggests, the event will be augmented with Madras Cocktails courtesy of Diplomatico Rum.  If you see these guys, tell them I want to do a review.

RSVP if you are going to make sure you get in.




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  1. Hardbopper | May 5, 2022 at 11:15 am |

    “Ocean” by Kramer. beachy tones.

    I SO had to google that. – JB

  2. Jesse Livermore | May 6, 2022 at 1:31 pm |

    Diplomatico Rhum is the bomb, as they say.

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