Ivy Trendwatch: Paris After Dark

As Details recently reported, the preppy/Ivy/trad/Americana trend (acronym: PITA) is becoming a global phenomenon. One of the things it’s inspired is foreign photo shoots. There’s Denmark-based Sergei Sviatchenko’s “Up Close And Private” photo project (here and here), and h(y)r collective’s recreation of “Take Ivy” (OK, so they’re Canadian).

But I think the image above is my favorite photo so far. Maybe because it’s in black and white, or because of the contrast between the nighttime urban setting and a lone collegiate type reading the “Preppy Handbook.”

It’s from the French blog Greensleeves To A Ground (see internal link #5), and that’s the blogger himself, shot by photographer Laurent Laporte, who runs a blog called Where Is The Cool?

The blogger, Francis Cazal, had a friend provide the following translation of his post on the photo shoot. Since it’s always amusing to read foreign takes on American culture, here are some highlights:

For our first example, we have chosen to propose an original alternative to your habitual summer attire. The lead-up to the hot season makes everyone yearn for lighter clothing, whilst losing out on the minimal amount of panache and comfort.

The Bermuda shorts-blazer combo will attract endless admiration when teamed with a button-down shirt and club tie for your garden parties, or with a polo shirt for an outing at a tennis match or on your sailing boat.

Finally, we have an outfit very Week-end à Nantucket which will don any man with an infinitely easygoing and relaxed look.

As for the Bermudas, we prefer them to be in chino material, madras or why not even seersucker? The color is of little or no importance. We would even go as far as embroidered Bermudas. Yes, it’s true: preppy Yale graduate bloody runs in our veins.

Sounds like Bloody Mary runs in the translator’s veins. — CC

4 Comments on "Ivy Trendwatch: Paris After Dark"

  1. Isn’t it a bit too much ? reading The official Preppy Handbook, wearing preppy clothes… besides the pictures are in black and white, so you can’t really see the clothes.

  2. Christian | July 1, 2010 at 6:38 am |

    It would be too much if it were American.

  3. All the photos are available on monsieurlaporte.blogspot.com
    Thanks a lot Christian.

  4. that’s funny…

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