Ivy Trendwatch: It’s The Sixties All Over Again

Menswear writer Stuart Husband, whose credits include The Rake, has a new piece at FashionBeans.com called “How ’60s fashion still puts swagger into menswear.” The piece focuses on the UK and ’60s styles in general, but there is some mention of our cherished style here:

The prime look, for [Michael] Caine and his working-class-made-good peers, was haute-mod; Italian-cut suits, tab-collar shirts, whip-cord slacks and Chelsea boots, and an off-duty preppy uniform – navy blazers, Oxford shirts, woven polos, knit ties – that had looked so good on the ill-fated JFK on his downtime in Nantucket.

As for the preppy look, its variations are everywhere – as dress codes continue to break down, it makes a perfect halfway house between formal and informal – from the reverent homages by Japanese Ivy League fan-boy brands like Beams Plus and Camoshita United Arrows to the all-conquering polo shirts and varsity cardigans of Polo Ralph Lauren (and Mr Lauren, don’t forget, started his business back in 1967).

Trend items to watch out for include cardigans, Baracuta jackets, and baggy oxford shirts. Coincidentally, I’m busting out my first pair of Clark’s desert boots today.

Check out the piece here. — CC

Photo of Michael Caine in 1966 for LIFE Magazine. See more here.  

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  1. The best quote from the article is from Michael Caine when he says that the the sixties began when working-class youth said “f*** it” to [formal conventions].

    That hedonistic, iconoclastic attitude is still alive today since it’s watershed in the 60s. Athleisure, street wear, and spandex in everything are the current iterations.

    Long live prep!

  2. Fact check: JFK was a Martha’s Vineyard man and he sailed to, but never visited Nantucket: https://yesterdaysisland.com/0827201512-jfk-sailed-to-island-never-came-ashore/

  3. Yesterday I brokeout my Bass buff and brown saddle shoes! They looked nice with my Lands End burnt sienna thin cords.

  4. Minimalist Trad | October 12, 2019 at 12:29 am |

    As others have commented before, it’s not at all difficult to find khakis, OCBDs, penny loafers, tweed jackets, navy blazers, and grey flannel trousers in 2019.

  5. Funny. I thoughtlessly pulled on some chinos, an ocbd, a navy blazer, and penny loafers for a (Friday) meeting on campus yesterday. What’s it all about?

    Best Regards,

  6. Given a choice between a well-tailored suit, and a “well-tailored, slim-fit, suit”, I’ll go with, well, you know which, every time.

  7. @Hardbopper
    The author Peter Mayle (“A Year in Provence”) did a series of article on top-quality goods and services, and specifically cited Caine’s tailor, Doug Hayward. He said that Hayward’s suits were made for actually moving through your day in, and not just standing at attention.

  8. Trevor Jones | October 12, 2019 at 5:34 pm |

    I don’t think it’s so much a matter of finding the items, I think it’s more about finding those items done the right way….

  9. Vern Trotter | October 13, 2019 at 12:06 pm |

    Generally, prominent Dems went to MV back in the distant past, GOPers to Nantucket. The widow Heinz then changed that by her hookup with live shot Kerry.

    The windows at Ralph’s Rhinelander mansion store look to be decorated for Haloween. Purple and suede featured, suits, all the rest.

  10. Terry O’Reilly | October 25, 2019 at 5:23 pm |

    “ Trend items to watch out for include cardigans, Baracuta jackets, and baggy oxford shirts. Coincidentally, I’m busting out my first pair of Clark’s desert boots today.”

    I guess I’m glad I’m “on-trend”. Those items are part of my perennial garderobe. CC, Clarks are great(wearing ‘em for years) but I tend to dig Astorflex Greenflex boots more these days for their wider toebox. However, the Clarks x Beams+ Gore Tex Desert Boots are boss.

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