Ivy Trendwatch: GQ’s “Prep Yourself”

I think this how-to video from GQ is zeitgeisty enough to qualify for our Ivy Trendwatch news beat. I spied it the other day on the blog Unabashedly Prep and thought it worth presenting here.

The video is from a series of 30 episodes called GQ Rules that purport how to teach you to be a “well dressed rebel” in 30 days. Yes, we realize there’s a logic problem in the notion that you can become a rebel by following rules, but skip that for now.

The interview subject is Sid Mashburn, owner of an eponymous men’s store in Atlanta. His look is by no means curriculum Ivy, but that’s not the point. The positive sign is that here’s a guy with a tailored shirt and an overall up-to-date look, who’s preaching the virtues of the natural shoulder and narrow, flat-front trousers with no break. And the cultural references in the video aren’t to ’80s preppy, but to the Ivy heyday of JFK and Miles Davis.

Like the rules/rebel conundrum, forget the fact Mashburn’s jackets are Italian and cost $3,200 and just roll with it. This is the kind of thing that can only lead to greater natural-shouldered variety for the rest of us. — CC

4 Comments on "Ivy Trendwatch: GQ’s “Prep Yourself”"

  1. foolio_iglesias | September 16, 2009 at 9:44 am |

    Nice.I don’t know how dude totally stole my look,but hey,I’m all for time travel and borrowing ideas….

  2. someone at GQ likes King Khan & The Shrines

  3. I like what Sid’s doing because it’s essentially “him” rooted in those virtues of curriculum Ivy. The Italian jackets are something he brings over from his personal style preferences and icons. It ends up being a nice balanced mix that works really well. I’m off to my tailor now for some more tweaking 🙂

    ps—Thank you for the link.

  4. essential “Sid Vicious”. the man. the myth. the icon.

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