Ivy Trendwatch: German Edition

Stuttgart-based department store chain Breuninger has given a Teutonic interpretation of campus style in a photo spread from its in-house style magazine. The shots have even inspired a South African blogger, further evidence that Ivy is on a world tour.

Germans may be precise when it comes to engineering, but the photos are anything but. It looks like they took items from the company’s regular collection — navy jackets and chinos — and simply photographed them on a university campus.

Still, it’s always interesting to watch Europeans interpret American style.

For a digital version of the magazine and layout, visit here and click on page 36.

Thanks to The Fashionisto for the head’s up. — CC

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  1. If only German university students really dressed this way!

  2. I think those are the most heavily photoshopped faces I’ve seen in awhile (1st photo)

  3. Yes, Germany has an odd thing for photoshopping anything and everything.

  4. It’s a bit too easy to rip this photo spread apart….the cargo pants are a certain fail. But as Old School points out, it’s step in a better general direction. Anything to get us away from this http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/5047668.stm

  5. Ironic to see the phrase ‘Europeans intepret American style’ used, when the American’s celebrated ‘Ivy style’ can be traced almost wholesale back to England. There isn’t much in there that isn’t European in origin. There exists an astonishing arrogance to the article about ‘The English Ivy Obsession’ it makes me want to laugh, as if the Americans had actually invented the penny loafer. American style indeed.

  6. Guess what, Clifford: Not only did many American clothes come from Europe, so did Americans themselves.

    But we do things differently over here.

  7. Those “college” photos remind me of a 1970’s movie, The Boys From Brazil. Dr. Mengele must have cloned these kids, along with the 94 Adolf Hitlers in the movie. What a joke!

  8. Scooby Dubious | March 23, 2011 at 1:47 pm |


    ..and the ultimate irony is when the English Ivy obsessives must have “made in the USA” on all their clothes, while simultaneously claiming English credit for the origins.

    Methinks the tired condescending English superiority vice continues to raise it’s ugly head.

    I say…then go buy all English clothes and STFU..

  9. Scooby Dubious | March 23, 2011 at 1:48 pm |


    There were reasons they all left the UK in the first place.

  10. I’d’ve let that brunette annex my Sudetenland back when I was single….

  11. @Henry

    Technically speaking, wouldn’t it be you who would annex her Sudetenland, as it were?

  12. Well, I’m not German, so… but yeah.

  13. Michael Mattis | March 24, 2011 at 5:28 pm |

    Puts the “Saxon” back into WASP. At least one of those guys ought to have a “schmiss.”

  14. I dunno, I don’t think those guys would be my first pick for a Rugby match. Now the gals on the other hand…..

  15. @RKW

    Rugby? Legalized violence.


  17. I live in Germany, I have NEVER seen anyone here dressed like that.

  18. Then you could be the first.

  19. Why all the hostility?
    Ivy style is Ivy style weather it be interpreted by English German or Americans, because lets face it even the Americans who dress in this way are iterpreting a bygone style ( mostly) .
    That’s not to say this is a bad interpretation!

  20. Typo, that was meant to read.. That’s not to say this isn’t a bad interpretation.

  21. Scooby Dubious | March 26, 2011 at 3:33 pm |


    Americans are “interpreting a bygone style”? Take a look at some of the ads on this site. Many of the companies have been in business for decades.

  22. Fee fi fo fum — Scooby smells the blood of an Englishman!

    And yes, H has a .co.uk address.

  23. Scooby Dubious | March 26, 2011 at 4:13 pm |


    They seem a bit obsessed with this place.

  24. Photoshoot location is UCLA btw.

  25. I’m confused, I never claimed not to be English.

  26. @Anon

    Maybe you spend your time in the wrong neighbourhoods. There are always areas that are somewhat behind when it comes to style.

  27. Anyone know who the brunette model is in the first picture? hot.

  28. I went to college in south Germany for some time. I’d have to say while most Germans students dress pretty silly, the upper class, mostly fraternity Corps Students dressed so preppy it made me gag. I would put them against any contemporary ivy kids today.

  29. Hamburg | Munich | July 2, 2015 at 7:54 pm |

    Being German and living in Germany (most of) my whole life, I can assure everybody here that fancy Ivy style would not consider such as on that commercial picture as preppy. We know that neither cargos with zippers nor such shoes, like the two “walking” guys wear, have anything to do with this style. Of course there are not tons of people dressed preppy in Germany, but I assume that applies for every country and does not has to be a bad thing 🙂

  30. PocketSquare | July 10, 2020 at 11:30 am |

    I like the cargo pant. Military issued cargos sound a lot like chinos. First warn on the battle field later worn on college campus.

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