OK, I think it’s time to accept that this Ivy-is-the-new-preppy thing may be much bigger than we expected. You know that’s the case when European artists start getting in on it.

Close Up And Private is a “photo project” (I couldn’t tell if it was a clothing line or an online magazine, and apparently it’s neither) by Danish photographer Sergei Sviatchenko. The splash page features suede tassel loafers and cuffed trousers with no break. It’s a sign of what’s to come in the photos, which are a kind of cross between modern prep and the Japanese book “Take Ivy,” as seen through the eyes of a European fashion photographer.

The shots include a veritable checklist of the Ivy-Prep canon: Baracuta jackets; knit, rep and bow ties; wrinkled oxford-cloth buttondowns; club collars; university-stripe shirts; cardigans; duffle coats; Fair Isle sweaters; argyle socks; cable-knit crewnecks; desert boots; penny loafers; longwings; engine-turned buckles; madras and herringbone.

Plus a bunch of weird Euro stuff.

I think the expression on the guy below says it all. We’re a bit bewildered, too. — CC

Addendum: Nice shout-out from Valet. Thanks, guys.