The Ivy Trendwatch and prep-for-the-masses have been hit with a massive setback as JC Penney has finally pulled the plug on its disastrous budget-prep collection American Living, created in partnership with Ralph Lauren.

When the collection launched in 2008, I was living in Los Angeles and went to the department store to have a look. I think the typical customer demographic for Penney’s was bewildered by pastel sportswear emblazoned with anchors, patch-madras shorts, and pink oxfords. Let’s face it, preppy clothing, no matter how watered-down, will always have class connotations.

Meanwhile, parsimonious trads embraced the marked-down prices but found the bulbous logos obnoxious.

The collection could have found a following among poor college students looking for preppy basics on the cheap, but again the overly-logoed merchandise prevented that. What kid wants to sport the logo of a downmarket brand? Consumers love cheap (H&M, Uniqlo, Zara) but not cheap logos (Old Navy being the rare exception, perhaps because the words “old” and “navy” convey an illusion of distinction).

I’ll admit to owning a pair or two of American Living shorts to wear on the tennis court, but can’t seem to find them in my closet. I must have purged them when I got down to fighting weight.

Either that or they fell apart. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD