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You’d think I would have thought of this, say, four years ago, but better late than never.

In the right hand column, underneath the Search box, you’ll now notice a place to enter your email address to sign up for our new mailing list.

There will also be periodic reminders in the guise of pop-up windows that will appear now and then for new readers who won’t have seen this post.

I’m not yet sure exactly what to do with this list, as my best way of communicating with you guys is through the posts here on the site. But some of you get busy and don’t check the site every day, though I’m sure you check your email everyday. Perhaps in the future we can send out alerts when a new story posts (though if you’re not checking in daily for our lively comments section, you missing out on what reader Oxford Cloth Button Down says “always guarantees a chuckle”).

And frankly you guys are a highly filtered ā€” and therefore prized ā€” demographic, and a mailing list would provide Ivy Style with another marketing channel. But I can assure you that if something someday comes to your inbox with an offer to sell you goods, it will be a compelling and exclusive offer.

Cheers and bon week-end. ā€” CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

8 Comments on "Ivy Style, The Mailing List"

  1. Ah yes, more e-mail. I actually would look forward to an ivy style e-mail that notified me of a new post. I never got into RSS feeds, but I do check e-mail hourly.

    As for marketing, I say if it pays the bills to keep ivy style alive and well fed (and well dressed) then send me whatever it takes! I may even take a look at them…

    I’m glad to see your new position at (can’t remember the name) Magazine you accepted hasn’t put a slow down on the website as I had initially feared.

  2. I’ll sign up just for the potential deals. I’ve already got Ivy Style in my reader.

  3. OldSchool | July 20, 2012 at 6:58 pm |

    Excellent idea.

  4. I haven’t decided, honestly, CC. I have tremendous respect for you, but I have enough crap flooding my inbox as it is…

    An actually, the pop ups are annoying. Do you really require that much marketing funding? As you know, having featured my own interview and blog, I don’t really get or do the advertising/sponsorship thing. Which means I’m much less tolerant of it on other blogs. Even blogs I read fairly regularly…

  5. Kionon
    What pop-ups?, I get ads in the right margin and top header, but no what I call pop-up?

  6. MAC,

    When you first visit the site you get this big pop up in the center of the browser demanding you sign up for this or that.

    Very annoying. CC should really drop it, imo, but it his playground, so therefore his rules.

  7. Kionon
    It might be your browser, I don’t get any pop up or any message wanting me to sign up.

    Are you in country or still over seas? Regardless have a great summer.

  8. I’m back in Japan. I moved to southern Japan in late May. It’s got some great sailing, as you can see on Kyoto Maiko right now…

    Having a great summer already, and right back at yah, MAC.

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