Ivy-Style Facebook Group Reaches 9,000 Vetted Members.

This week the Ivy-Style FB group reached a milestone – 9,000 members. All interacting, supporting, admiring, laughing, buying, learning. I got a note the other day that Ivy-Style.com is “the most civilized corner of the internet” and I would include our FB group in that corner. There are two moderators who work every day to insure a good experience.

9,000 Ivies. Here are some of their pictures, printed with permission. I will add more as I get them, so keep checking over the weekend.





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  1. Stephen Polezonis | November 11, 2022 at 8:22 am |

    I’m honored to be a member of this group!

  2. Gangstas!

  3. I don’t get the baby in the watermelon thing.

  4. This is great to see! I love it that we are all from different backgrounds, ages, and the like. Please do more member profiles. It would be great if there was an Ivy Style Questionnaire with, say, five questions you pose to a member when they are featured.

  5. Congrats!

  6. How cool! Love the photographs of your members too. Its almost enough to make me rejoin FB. Almost.

    Kind Regards,


  7. What a great, diverse group of well dressed people!

  8. Creative respect for tradition here. I applaud the efforts.

    “Tradition and prescription are the guiding lights of the civil social man.” — Russel Kirk

    “How do we keep our balance?
    That I can tell you in one word: Tradition.
    Tradition, tradition… tradition!
    Because of our traditions,
    We’ve kept our balance for many, many years…
    …we have traditions for everything–
    how to eat, how to sleep, even,
    how to wear clothes.”
    – Tevye

    The pictures give me hope. Three cheers for these TRADitionalists.

  9. What does “vetted” mean with regard to the FB group? Honest question for those who don’t participate, whether in FB broadly or the Ivy Style group specifically.

    • It means there is a questionnaire, and one of three moderators checks your profile and activity before you are approved. I mean, we can’t go to your house, right?

  10. “Vetted” in this case means that someone had to push the “approve member” button after joining. I’m only halfway kidding, I suppose, but as a former member of the Facebook group I can attest that I definitely wasn’t vetted beyond hitting the join group button and clicking the box that said I agreed to follow the rules.

    • You are former for a reason. And of course, wrong…

    • Oh, and Benjamin, (today’s name) – yeah, at some point someone has to hit an approve member button. That is how… approval works. Do traffic lights not function because you someone waits until they are green before they go? An idea. Write something, then wait ten minutes and then go back and ask yourself… is this something a thinking person would write? If the answer is yes, then you took it from somebody. If the answer is no then you are having a rare moment of honest introspection, the result of which is that we will never hear from you again.

  11. What a milestone, and what a great looking group of people! I quite enjoyed these photos. Congratulations. I share Heinz-Ulrich’s sentiments on rejoining Facebook, but it sure seems like quite a few cool folks remain on that platform.

  12. The vetting standards can’t be high. I’m a member, and the real me does not enjoy whiskeydent’s august reputation.

  13. “Vetted.” Come on. Seriously? Also: let’s not confuse quantity with quality.

    • K so there is a questionnaire that you have to fill out. You have to be approved by one of the three of us. We visit your profile to make sure you are a real person and credibly interested. It always sets me back when people on the internet speak to that which they do not know. Yes, vetted.

  14. Terry Grayson | November 13, 2022 at 3:35 am |

    The real me was vetted, and I do follow the FB group, do have a sincere interest in Ivy, but I find this site far, far more interesting, and the comments here far more interesting as well. The real me has never posted a comment to the FB group. No need to bore others.

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