It’s kinda cool to have your name on a book — especially when you didn’t even have to do anything.

Last week I got a copy of “Ivy Style,” the book, published by Yale University Press, no less, that accompanies the MFIT exhibit. It includes my Q&A with Richard Press from here. Other writers contributed chapters on related topics such as the British influence on Ivy garb, and Patricia Mears, the museum’s curator provided several overview chapters.

Heavier on text than images, the book includes some old, some new:

Here’s Ivy in the early years:

Here’s the heyday chapter:

Boyer contributed a number of his writings, as well as a chapter on the jazz-Ivy connection:

My interview with Mr. P:

I look forward to reading it closely and am sure there will be much fodder for material to further explore in future posts.

The book is due out in November and can be pre-ordered through Amazon. — CC