Ivy Notes S2 E7

It was a remarkable night. Unlike Richard’s first show with me, this one was ALL Ivy. It’ll be posted on Monday.


The Dean Of Ivy-Style


I will say this though.  My daughter is a giant Richard Press fan, and asked to come down to see him again.  She and her boyfriend were once again the only teens in the room, and Richard turned around when we entered, walked right past me and held his hand out and said, “Gramercy!”  Later, his wife Vida, who is equally gracious, introduced herself to Gramercy and at a busy event made ten minutes to talk to a kid.

The biggest applause of the night was not at the beginning, it was not at the Sinatra story, it was not at Richard’s State Of The Union Address on the subject of dignity.  It was at the announcement of Richard and Vida’s 61st wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, see you Monday, where you will hear Richard Press affirm jeans with a tie, and that back in the day the socks were indeed white.


Happy 61st to a fantastic couple.

11 Comments on "Ivy Notes S2 E7"

  1. Jeans with a tie. Yes.

  2. Red cords. . . Yes!

    Kind Regards,


  3. Excited to hear the podcast. Congratulations to Richard and Vida. 61 years – ne cede malis indeed!

  4. Marshall Carling | December 11, 2022 at 6:07 am |

    Only one more day left till we get to savor this tomorrow.

  5. G. Ellery Cobbold | December 11, 2022 at 12:44 pm |

    Andy Spade looks great in jeans and sport coats. When he wears a tie, though, he does so with chinos. Jeans limit your choice of shirt, sport coat, and tie in ways that chinos don’t. YMMV, of course.

  6. Not really a fan of jeans with a tie. Not that it never looks good but it usually does not. Same rule applies for tie without a sportcoat, suit or blazer. Nine times out of 10, it makes you look like a waiter or a guy working at a Verizon.

  7. Jeans without a tie are like a sportcoat without a vest.

  8. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll really be able to see this on Monday.

    • Mr. Barton, one does not see a podcast. This may explain your attitude.

      • Mr. Burton,
        Thanks for the correction.
        I guess I was I was so excited about the upcoming podcast that I was less than careful.
        By the way, it was worth waiting for.

        • Nah man, another option is I could take a beat and not be a tool in responding so fast. My apologies. This one is on me. Thank yOU.

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