Ivy Notes S1 Last One Of The Season For Real This Time

Sorry, but everyone has been sending in such good stuff, and I don’t want it to get stale.

First, a word about linking.   I think the smartest policy is this, but as with Ad Men, I could be wrong.  We don’t link to paywalls because if I were the reader and I followed a link like that I would be annoyed.   What we try to do instead is to give you the gist of what the article is about, and if you really care enough, there’s Google.  We always cite the source, so it isn’t that hard to find and then decide if you want to pay.

We have been pretty rough on The Wall Street Journal’s fashion coverage, so it is good to be able to showcase some good stuff.  Thanks to Mitchell for sending me this article on the return of smaller watches.


The article is very good, there’s a vintage photo of Ali, and one of Jay-Z, both with smaller watches. The piece was authored by a Mr. Marshall Heyman, who I bet my shoes cringed a little at the caption writer when he read that the reason to buy a smaller watch is that it makes your forearm look bigger.


I won’t tell you who until I get permission, but when I do get permission I will edit the post, but a reader sent in this photo which I think is as close to the best closet photo I have ever seen.


I had these pants too, and gave them away. That must have been when I was drinking too much.


I haven’t been nor have I reached out to them, but The Amazing Tom sent me a link to an article (by site friend and contributor Eric Twardzik) about a store I think you would be interested in checking out if you are in the Philly area.


Click on the image to get to the article. And read anything Eric writes.


As I say, Eric is a friend so this is biased but if you have some time, you should read through his site, too.


Click on the image to check out Eric’s site.


Ben sent in a recommendation for a Los Angeles Times special edition tribute to Vin at Barnes & Noble.   I love Vin Scully, one question I would have asked him is why he moved away from his nearly pure Ivy wardrobe in his later years.


Mr. Scully. Click on the image and you can get the book on Amazon.



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  1. Thanks again for the shoutout, JB.

    The small watch that is featured in the Wall Street Journal article is called the Timex Marlin. Christian wrote about it in a post:


  2. Your linking policy is inane. Why not include the link followed by “(paywall)” to alert the reader of the situation? For the WSJ, I would posit that most readers of this site have access via a personal, business, or education account.

    • John Burton | August 30, 2022 at 2:07 pm |

      That’s a pretty aggressive tone. It is amazing how emboldened a pseudonym, however inane, makes some people feel. But let me walk this back for you, Barry. If you have access to the WSJ, then you are probably going there anyway, right?

      • whiskeydent | August 30, 2022 at 3:34 pm |

        JB’s policy is correct. I know that I am not alone in loathing links to paywalls. Summaries work just fine and inconvenience no one. Those who have access behind a wall can easily find a story and read it in its entirety. Besides, shouldn’t you already know about an article relevant to Ivy Style if you have access?

        • David St. Hubbins | August 30, 2022 at 6:15 pm |

          whiskeydent – Let me see if I have this down correctly: You loathe links to paywall sites, even when they are clearly marked as paywalls, but you enjoy reading summaries of paywalled articles, as long as you don’t have to see the link?

          I guess I fail to see the issue with including the link if it’s marked properly. No one is forcing anyone to click on anything and it’s there is you wish to go further.

          • whiskeydent | August 31, 2022 at 9:39 am |

            No, it’s when one is not clearly marked as a link to a paywall and clicking on it sends me into one. But let’s just drop it for a more important issue. Which was the band’s masterpiece, “Big Bottom” or “Stonehenge?”

      • My apologies for the tone. I was merely articulating that I don’t think the policy makes sense. No ill will about the site’s content or your work on it, merely lamenting switching sites and doing a search! First world problems! 🙂

        • John Burton | August 31, 2022 at 8:12 am |

          Thank you! And apologies for my tone back. You are very right, we are lucky these are our problems. 🙂

  3. Nicely put, John. The ideas and references you and other authors relate on this site are appreciated and, often for me, a pleasant break from the daily grind. The unnecessarily abrupt tone in some readers’ replies highlights the fact that the shared quality of all things Ivy is, principally, good taste. Carry on, gentlemen.

  4. I think the (paywall) suggestion is a good one. From my perspective, it’s much easier to simply click on a link then to have to have go on a hunt for the article. This is how most blogs tend to do it, so I’m not really sure I understand the argument against including links as long as you are giving people a heads up that there’s a paywall. It’s a reasonable common thing these days, and this is a needlessly complicated (and not very intuitive workflow) for the average visitor:

    “We don’t link to paywalls because if I were the reader and I followed a link like that I would be annoyed. What we try to do instead is to give you the gist of what the article is about, and if you really care enough, there’s Google. We always cite the source, so it isn’t that hard to find and then decide if you want to pay.”

    Second issue is whether or not it’s really all that valuable to be recapping (or worse yet, reviewing) the first few sentences of a paywalled article which you are refusing to link to, but that’s a separate topic perhaps.

  5. David St. Hubbins | August 30, 2022 at 6:18 pm |

    While we are on the subject of linking, I guess I should add that it might be easier for John to link to articles in the text rather than the photos? It would save him the trouble of having to tell people to click on the photo every single time something is linked. Just a thought! Love the site.

  6. Oh great another article about watches

    • John Burton | August 31, 2022 at 8:14 am |

      Ben, how is it that someone who spends so much time on the site can be so out of step with it?

  7. JB – Permission Granted

  8. I’ve seen Glenn Au and Junior’s profiled elsewhere online. I really admire his style and his store. I haven’t been to Philly in ages but it’ll be a stop for me whenever I visit again.

    …That Timex Marlin is one handsome watch.

  9. I personally always liked smaller, more simple watches compared to the clocks some men like to wear on their wrists. Understatement always seems to speak louder.

  10. On the Vin Scully question, he moved from the east coast to the west c. 1957, the heyday, and took his wardrobe with him. As it wore out over the years, like everyone else, he found it more and more difficult to replace.

    • He did remain exemplary trad, though, as compared to his sports-guy contemporaries. They look ridiculous. One of many reasons why I stopped watching TV altogether over seven years ago.

  11. An earlier comment was not approved for publication but I would also like to (politely) register my support for including links. Paywalls are no fun but as long as they are labeled as such, I think it’s probably a bit easier for everyone to have them rather than sending people off to search for it themselves. Seems like having the link would save everyone a bit of time and effort.

  12. “An earlier comment was not approved for publication”

    Thought it was just me. Sometimes I have posted and the site says it’s awaiting moderation and then other times the page just reloads and there is nothing. Wish there was more clarity on this.

  13. Oh, and since we are on the subject, I suppose I should add that I don’t like paywalls either so if those links could be marked with a warning, I would appreciate it!

  14. As others have said, I like having the links. I think common sense and courtesy would be to include links for articles you are referencing, though a quick parenthetical to mention it has a “paywall” is of course also a good idea! No one is forcing anyone to click on them but they are there should someone want to explore further. What I think you want to avoid is forcing readers to have to track them down themselves. You would be saving people time and effort.

  15. It’s my closet.
    Perhaps provide your rewrite? Just an idea. Not at all critical of your post.

    As an example. Forgiving student loans by 10k is unfair to those of us who paid them off. RATHER than a full stop after the crirism, add something like this. “Instead, cap the interests to Prime less 1% and cap the payment to 4% of Monthly AGI, with credits for gov service either local, state, or federal.

    Ideas drive discussion.

  16. Brett Langford | September 1, 2022 at 12:05 am |

    Wouldn’t it be nice if some thoughtful reader simply told us how to get through paywalls without paying?

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