Ivy Makes The Legend, Trad Leads The Way

The Japanese know everything about American culture except the language.

If you’ve ever spent time there, you’ll know you get about 10 good belly laughs a day from the nonsensical English they plaster everywhere. Though if you have an editor’s streak in you it eventually becomes maddening.

I’ll be posting some cool Japanese stuff in the coming week. In the meantime, say “konnichi-wa” to me tomorrow at the Japan Block Fair on Park Avenue between 39th and 40th. — CC

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  1. Unlike much Japanese English, the statement makes perfectly good sense to me:

    The legend was created by “Ivy”, a narrow interpretation of the trend known as “Trad”, which includes “Ivy”, “Preppy”, and “Americana” as well as some purely British elements.

    It is this more encompassing, inclusive trend (“Trad”) which is followed by many of us.

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