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Those in search of a happy medium between the colorful exuberance of Neo-Prep and the stoicism of full-cut traditionalism might find encouragement in Club Monaco’s new line of undarted sportcoats, designed and presented with both youthfulness and restraint.

Released within the brand’s domestically-produced capsule collection, Club Monaco’s sack jackets bring the 3/2 roll and the two-button cuff to unexpected territory, the American mall. Described as having a “heritage-inspired look” and a “modern slim fit,” the sportcoats will no doubt catch the ire of those who consider the heritage movement a commoditization of tradition into fashion. Though the coats feature a dartless front, 3/2 roll, flapped patch pockets and hook vent, they are cut with the trim, cropped fit that has, for the last decade, been characteristic of attempts to bring a younger customer to tailored clothing.

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Critics of the updated silhouette may have their say, but Club Monaco’s sack jackets could indicate a positive direction for Ivy League clothing in the mainstream, both in marketing and design.

First, with prices starting at $575 for wool and $750 for 100% cashmere, these are USA-made, entry-level pieces that are affordable for young men.

Second, the conservative lapel width could signify the end of the anorexia epidemic that has been plaguing lapels and neckties.

Lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, Club Monaco has found a way to market heritage-inspired clothing with neither overbearing woodsiness nor collegiate fetishism.

This look, a simple houndstooth jacket paired with dark jeans and a striped oxford, appears austere compared to images of bearded men chopping wood in three-piece suits and fresh-faced oarsmen sporting crested blazers with sweatpants. In terms of presentation as well as value, the Club Monaco sportcoats are more in line with what Ivy has always been for young men: unpretentious, quality clothing at accessible prices. — ZACHARY DELUCA